Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

Changing Pronouns on Zoom

How to Add Your Gender Pronouns to Your Zoom Name

STEP 1: Click on the gear under your initials on the home screen:

Screenshot of Zoom home screen with arrow pointing to gear


STEP 2: Once you click on the gear, the settings screen will pop up. Click on "View More Settings." Your browser will open and ask you to log in using your Duke Net ID and password.

Screenshot of Zoom settings screen with circle around view more settings option

STEP 3: Once you are logged in, click "PROFILE" on the sidebar:

Screenshot of Zoom menu with a circle around Profile

STEP 4: Click "Edit" to change your name:

Screenshot of Zoom name page with circle around the edit option

STEP 5: Add your pronouns in the "Last Name" box:

Screenshot of Zoom name page with circle around Last name option

STEP 6: VERY IMPORTANT: At the bottom of the section, click "Save Changes":

Screenshot of Zoom Save Screen