Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

Travel Safety Map for LGBTQIA+ Students

Travel Safety Map for LGBTQIA+ Students on DukeEngage, Duke In, and Duke Approved Programs

This map serves as a general safety guide for LGBTQIA+ students on DukeEngage Duke-In, and Duke Approved programs. Although it provides general safety information, it is not exhaustive. We encourage you to conduct additional research before making a decision to apply and/or participate in the respective program(s).

The map can be accessed by clicking here (

Note: Disclaimer that it's important to keep in mind that language on SOGIE is based off of Western conceptions. There are local and indigenous forms of SOGIE that may not be represented and it's important to not conflate the two. Just because some places have legal protections, safety cannot be ensured or guaranteed. Sexual orientation protections don't mean gender identity and vice versa.

Please contact Angel Collie at to make updates and/or for additional information.

This was last updated March 2020. It was created by Manish Kumar T ’20, in coordination with the DukeEngage and Duke Global Education Office.