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Transgender Student Resource Guide

Frequently asked questions!

Click on “Manage Director Listings” then “Change your full name alias.” You can change your email to reflect your name and can have up to two email addresses.

Students can add/edit their preferred name on Duke Hub in the Student Verification of Personal Data section (under the Profile tab). 

For guidance, please visit the Office of the University Registrar’s Preferred Name Guide.

Preferred name is the term Duke University uses to indicate the name someone uses to refer to themselves.

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  • Duke Hub for your Academic Advisors

For students covered under the Duke Student Health Insurance, please visit the following website: 

Enter Gender Confirmation Surgery in the search box at the top of the page.

Select the first option to review Blue Cross Blue Shield's Corporate Medical Policy for Gender Confirmation Surgery and Hormone Therapy. 

You can also call 1-800-579-8022 with your policy number. 

The Duke Student Health Center offers general medical care, nutritional counseling, laboratory services, immunization and allergy clinics, sexual health counseling, and a variety of other services. The Duke Student Health Center does not currently offer transition related healthcare to transgender students and will not prescribe hormone replacement therapy.  

Your Student Health provider can assist you with coordinating a referral to the Adult Gender Clinic or LGBTQ+ Patient-Centered Medical Home in the Duke University Health System. 
Additionally, students seeking transition-related care may visit the following: 

For students who wish to seek transition related healthcare services outside of the Duke University Health System you may find the following list helpful in your search for an affirming provider: 

For information about Duke Providers who have intentionally listed themselves on the DukeMed Pride OutListplease visit here:


The Duke Counseling and Psychological Services serves all Duke students, including those who identify as transgender, genderqueer, and non-binary. With the CAPS Open Access Model, you can meet with a counselor for a brief, 15-minute assessment and evaluation. You will leave with recommendations about next steps in your care, which may be at CAPS, another campus resource, or in the community. CAPS staff are trained in writing letters for both hormone therapy and surgery, if required from your medical provider. 

While CAPS can serve most students' needs in-house, Lia Gilmore, Referral Services Coordinator at CAPS, can help refer you to a knowledgeable, affirming and/or trans-identified mental health provider in the local community if you need longer-term or more specialized care than CAPS can provide. You can reach Lia at 919-660-1012 or  

You can also speak with a member of the CSGD for help identifying an affirming CAPS provider.

Off- Campus: 

For information about affirming mental health therapists and psychiatrists within the local community here: 


Yes, the Duke Student Pharmacy fills prescriptions for hormone therapy. Please visit the following website for information on how to fill your prescription.

Duke's non-discrimination policy includes sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. You can view the entire policy here:

A list of gender inclusive bathrooms can be found on the website of the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity:

Students, staff, faculty, and visitors of Duke are able to use restrooms that affirm their gender identity. Following the March 2016 passage of House Bill 2 by the General Assembly of North Carolina, Duke University responded and reassured its commitment to transgender and gender non-conforming people with the following statement:

Additionally, Duke University converted all existing single occupancy, lockable restrooms with a toilet and a sink into gender non-specific restrooms.

Upon registering for graduation, students have the opportunity to write in the name they use to be placed on their diploma.

Alumnx can email and request the Diploma Replacement form to obtain a new diploma.

For alumnx interested in changing their name in the university record database, they will want to reach directly out to the Duke Alumni Association who will conduct the name change internally. You can either call 919-684-5114 or email DAA (DAA) at  

The Women's Center and the Office of Gender Violence Prevention and Intervention provides confidential crisis support for students of all genders, including those who identify as transgender, genderqueer, and non-binary, who are survivors of gender violence.

For information about Gender Identity Inclusion within Intramural Sports and Sports Clubs please visit Duke Recreation and Physical Education’s page. 

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