Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

Gender Inclusive Restrooms on Campus

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Freeman Center         Top Floor      213, 214   
Devil's Bistro    
International Hose Each Floor  
Muslim Life    
Central Campus Service Office 1st Floor  
Rubenstein Arts Center 1st Floor 122T
Rubenstein Arts Center 2nd Floor 206T   
705 Broad St                       1st Floor            
Academic Advising 1st Floor  
Academic Advising  2nd Floor  
Alspaugh 1st Floor 103GT
Art Building              1st Floor By Stairwell
Art Building              2nd Floor By Stairwell
East House 1st Floor 101GT
Baldwin Aud 1st Floor  
Bassett 1st Floor 103GT
Bell Tower 1st Floor 112GT, 114GT
Bishop’s House 1st Floor  
Blackwell 1st Floor 114GT, 115GT, 128GT, 129GT
Bivins 1st Floor 102T, 110T, 111T
Bivins 2nd Floor 201T, 202T
Branson   4 GI restrooms
Bridges/ Center for Doc Studies   Top of stairs, on the left
Brown 1st Floor 103GT
Classroom Building 3rd Floor 310T, 322T
Crowell Building 1st Floor 104T, 105T
Duke Coffee House      Main Floor  
East Duke 1st Floor  
Epworth 1st Floor 104GT
Gilbert-Addoms 1st Floor 101GT, 102GT
Gilbert-Addoms 2nd Floor 201GT, 202GT
Gilbert-Addoms 3rd Floor 301GT, 302 GT
Giles 1st Floor 114GT
Jarvis 1st Floor 101GT
Lilly Library 2nd Floor  
Market Place   1 GI Restroom
Mill Village    
Pegram 1st Floor 103GT
Randolph 1st Floor 110GT, 111GT, 124GT, 125GT
Smith Warehouse 1st Floor 168T
Southgate 1st Floor 109GT, 101GT
The Ark 1st Floor 102T
The Ark 2nd Floor 220T
Wilson 1st Floor 101GT
Admissions   On left after entering building
Allen Building    Two in Brodhead Suite
Alumni House   Under stairs, left of front desk
Ambler Tennis Stadium   1 restroom
Brodhead Center                              Ground Floor                058T
Brodhead Center 3rd Floor  314T
Bryan Center Basement (0) 002T1, 002T2
Bryan Center 2, next to McDonalds  
CAPS 3rd Floor 312T, 336T, 337T, 338T, 339T, 312T
Card Gym   Basement, next to fencing offices 
CIEMAS Basement  B508
Crowell H 1st Floor  H101GT
Divinity/Gray 1st Floor  
Divinity/Gray 3rd Floor 318T
DuWell/DukeReach 1st Floor 120T
Edens 1A 1st Floor   102T, 103T
Edens 2A 2nd Floor  202T, 203T
Edens 3A 1st Floor   101GT, 102GT  
Edens 3B 1st Floor   101GT, 102GT 
Few FF 1st Floor FF101GT, FF102GT
Few GG Basement  
Few GG 1st Floor   GG101B2  
Few GG   GG 101-OFF
Few HH Basement  HH001GT 
Flowers 2nd Floor  
French Family Center   0017T
French Family Center 1st Floor 126TA, 126TB
French Family Center 2nd Floor 226TA, 226TB
French Family Center 3rd Floor 326TA, 326TB
Fuqua Keller East 1st Floor E146T
Fuqua Keller East 2nd Floor E216T
Graduate School   4 GI Restrooms
Gross Hall 1st Floor 102T
Gross Chem    
Hudson Hall Basement 029T
Hudson Hall 2nd Floor 202F
Hudson Hall Annex Basement  003T
Hudson Hall Annex 1st Floor 103T, 104T
Hudson Hall Annex 2nd Floor 204T
Keohane Tower 1st Floor   0102T, 0101T
Keohane Tower 4th Floor  0401T, 0402T
Keohane A  2nd Floor   4A201GT
Keohane B  1st Floor   4B101GT
Keohane B  4th Floor   4B401GT, 4B402GT
Keohane D 1st Floor  4D108T
Keohane D 3rd Floor  4D301GT
Kilgo K 1st Floor  K101GT
Kilgo N 2nd Floor N-201T
Kilgo N 3rd Floor N-301T
Kilgo N Basement   N002GT, N001GT
Kilgo O 1st Floor   O101GT, O0101T
Kilgo O 2nd Floor O-201T
Kilgo O 3rd Floor O-301T
Langford (Div)   0044HT, 0046T
Languages   015T, 012T
Law School Basement 2001T
McClendon Tower 1st Floor  
McClendon Tower 4th Floor  
Multi-Purpose Room 1st Floor  
New Divinity Sub-Basement  
News and Communications    
Nicholas School / LSRC A Wing, 1st Floor A145T, Left of Hug Commons
North Building   142T
OIT/Telecommunications Bldg   2GI Restrooms
Page Auditorium    
Perkins Library Lower Level 1  
Physics Basement 026T
Phytotron 1st Floor  
Pratt FCIEMAS Basement B508
Pratt Hudson Hall Basement 029T
Pratt Hudson Hall 2nd Floor 202F
Pratt Hudson Hall Annex Basement 003T
Pratt Hudson Hall Annex 1st Floor  103T, 104T
Pratt Hudson Hall Annex 2nd Floor 204T
Pratt Teer Building Basement 03T, 04RT
Rubenstein library Basement  
Sanford Institute of Public Policy First Floor Next to Room 148
Schwartz-Butters Athletic Center (Hall of Fame)    
Sheffield Tennis Center   2GI Restrooms
Social-Psych Basement  
Social-Psych 2nd Floor  
Social Science Building 1st Floor  
Social Science Building 2nd Floor  
Scott Family Pavilion   276T
Student Health 2nd Floor 277T, 265T, 259T
Student Wellness Center 1st Floor 120T
Student Wellness Center 2nd Floor 204T
Student Wellness Center 3rd Floor 304T
French Family Science Center   0017T
Trent Drive Hall 1st Floor 126 TA, TB
Trent Drive Hall 2nd Floor 226 TA, TB
Trent Drive Hall 3rd Floor 326 TA, TB
Trent Drive Hall Lower Level 006T
Triangle University Nuclear Laboratory Building   3GI Restrooms
Westbrook (Div) 1st Floor 108T, 109T
Penn Pavilion Lower Level 006T
Bridgest Building Basement, 1st Floor,2nd Floor  
Edwin L. Jones Building 2nd Floor 207 Jones
E.W. Busse Building, Duke Clinic 4th Floor 44208T, 44209T
Getty/Wheeler Building   1 GI Restroom
Integrative Medicine 1st Floor Inside 1404C
Integrative Medicine 1st Floor Adjacent to 1402
Integrative Medicine 1st Floor Adjacent to 1210
Levine Science Research Center (LSRC) A Wing, 1st Floor A145T, Left of Hug Commons
Levine Science Research Center 1st Floor C121T, C123T
Levine Science Research Center 2nd Floor C221T, C223T
Levine Science Research Center 3rd Floor C321T, C323T
Lyndhurst (Center for Doc Studies)    1 GI Restroom
Med Science Research Building Basement 006T, 007T
Med Science Research Building III Basement 001T1, 001T2 (Includes a shower)
Nursing School Pearson Building  2nd Floor 2100T1, 2100T2
Paint Shop Building    
Pearson 2nd Floor Near North Elevator 
Trent Hall 1st Floor 126TA, 126TB
Trent Hall 2nd Floor 226TA, 226TB
Trent Hall 3rd Floor 326TA, 326TB
Trent Semens Center Level 0 1000T3 and 1000T4
Trent Semens Center Level 1 0150T3 & 150T4