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Duke is home to one of the most innovative, dynamic, and cutting edge collegiate dining programs in the country. Duke Dining provides a variety of ways tempt and please your palate with access to over 50 dining locations that include 34 on-campus locations, Merchants-on-Points (MOPs-off-campus restaurants that deliver), and food trucks. A community-driven, sustainable, award-winning program, Duke Dining provides opportunities for culinary education and engagement with access to cooking classes, chef demos, nutrition and wellness events and special themed dinners throughout the academic year. Our goal is to provide a fresh-thinking, world-class experience, no matter where you choose to dine on Duke's campus.


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Dining Services Main Office Staff

Robert Coffey, Executive Director of Dining Services

Barbara Stokes, Director of Residential Dining Services

Aris Marton, Associate Director of Retail Operations

Kirsten Marinko, Marketing Director

Marcus Carson, Assistant Director of Sustainability & Quality Control

Grayson Crabtree, Training & Customer Service Coordinator

Tammy Hope, Senior Operations Manager

Dwayne Atkins, Staff Assistant & Catering Coordinator

Joy Livesay, Administrative Support

Barry Buffaloe, Food Service Coordinator

Help enhance the dining experience at Duke by joining the Duke University Student Dining Advisory Committee (DUSDAC). Committee members play a key role working closely with Dining Services to discuss everything from menu changes to new eateries.

The committee operates under the auspices of Duke Student Government to foster communication between students, administrators, staff, vendors, prospective vendors and customers. The group is dedicated to helping Duke provide delicious food, fair prices, great customer service and clean, well-organized facilities. With your feedback, DUSDAC helps to rate on-campus eateries and Merchants on Points vendors on customer service and food quality. Each year, we present awards to eateries that excel.

If you think your great taste – and taste buds – could contribute to our mission, contact the Duke Dining office at 919-660-3900 or email: diningnetwork@studentaffairs.duke.edu.

Want to provide valuable feedback about campus dining AND earn free food? Become a Mystery Diner!

Duke’s Mystery Diner Program allows students, staff and faculty to receive free meals in exchange for providing valuable feedback about customer service and food quality. Mystery diners volunteer to rate campus eateries on customer service, speed of service, food quality, cleanliness, merchandising and overall impression.

-Meet with Dining Services and review program & protocol

-Receive assignment, review form and meal voucher

-Visit the eatery during breakfast, lunch or dinner

-Must complete and submit review within a week

Contact Duke Dining at dining@duke.edu or 919-660-3900 for more information.








Are Food Points accepted everywhere?

Food Points are accepted at the Duke Dining locations listed below*:

Au Bon Pain
Bella Union
Beyu Blue
Café 300
Cafe De Novo
Cafe Edens
Cafe at Smith Warehouse
The Chef's Kitchen
The Commons Steakhouse
The Devil's Krafthouse
Divinty Cafe
Dolce Vita
The Farmstead
Freeman Center
Ginger and Soy
Il Forno
JB's Roasts & Chops
The Loop Pizza Grill
Nasher Museum Café
Panda Express
Red Mango Cafe
Saladelia at Perkins
Saladelia at Sanford
The Skillet
Terrace Café
Trinity Café

Food Points are also accepted by our Merchants-on-Points partners and On-campus Food Trucks.


*Only Flex Funds are accepted at Washington Duke Inn. (Not a Duke Dining location).


What are the prices for Marketplace for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner?
Breakfast is $11.85. Brunch and dinner are $18.70 Lunch is a la carte.

What day of the week does the Board Plan begin?
The Board Plan begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.

What happens if I do not select a dining plan?
All students living on campus must enroll in a dining plan. All upperclass dining plans default to Plan A if one is not chosen. The First-Year Dining Plan is automatically selected for first-year students.

What if I miss my Board Plan breakfast meal at Marketplace?
Students who miss breakfast at Marketplace may apply the provided meal equivalency (valued at $4.85) on the same day one of two ways: toward breakfast at The Skillet on West Campus or toward an a la carte lunch selection at Marketplace on East Campus. A breakfast equivalency must be used on the same day as the missed breakfast meal.

What if I miss my Board Plan dinner meal at Marketplace?
Students who miss dinner at Marketplace may apply the meal equivalency (valued at $9.30) on the same evening at Trinity Café after 9pm. 

Can I use a guest meal at the Freeman Center for Jewish Life?
No. Guest meals are not accepted at the Freeman Center for Jewish Life.

When is the last day to use my Board Plan?
The last Board Plan meal is Saturday May 2, 2020, which is breakfast (not brunch).

When is the last day to access Food Points for Fall/Spring Semester?
The last day to access fall food points is December 16, 2019 at midnight. You may access spring food points until May 10, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

When is the first Board Plan meal of Fall/Spring Semester?
The first Board Plan meal of Fall 2019 semester is Aug 21 (breakfast).
The first Board Plan meal of Spring 2020 semester is January 7 (dinner).

What if I misplace my DukeCard or it gets stolen?
If you have lost or misplaced your DukeCard please contact the DukeCard office or click on the link below for information on how to replace or receive a temporary card.
Lost or Stolen Card
To access your meal plan please present a photo ID to fill out a manual form for your meal purchase at any Duke Dining location until your card is found or replaced. 

What if I am sick or injured and am not able to get out to eat?

If you are unwell or injured and unable to get to a Duke Dining location for a meal service you may send someone in your place with your DukeCard to pick-up your meal by way of the following process:

-Send an email or a photo with you and your Duke ID stating that you grant permission to use your Dining Plan to pickup a wellness meal to the designated person picking up your meal. Please list the location and include that the dollar amount cannot exceed $20 (including tax).
-The student picking up the wellness meal will present to the on-campus venue either by hard copy or on their phone the email or photo, along with the sick/injured student's ID. 
-Order is placed and paid for with the sick/injured student's DukeCard. 
-Student picking up the meal will sign a Wellness Signature Form and will present their Duke ID to the cashier for verification.

Merchants-on-Points are also available for evening delivery beginning at 8:00pm. You can find Merchants-on-Points on the Duke Dining "Locations" page here.

How does the NC State Tax Surcharge work?
The State of North Carolina recently made taxable many items that were previously excluded from sales tax, including food sold to students at higher education institutions, and admission fees to entertainment activities. These changes took effect January 1, 2014. Student dining plans are now being taxed at the combined state and Durham county rate of 7.5%. Both the charge for the Dining Plan and the tax surcharge will be listed separately on students' bursar bills. The funds for the Dining Plan and the NC Sales Tax Surcharge are added to the students DukeCard Food Points account.  The money to cover the taxes of each sale is included in the balance each student will see on their Food Points account. Tax is charged at all on-campus dining locations, food trucks and Merchants-on-Points and is applied at the actual point of sale as NC tax law requires.  Students are not double charged for tax, since they are given credit for the NC Sales Tax Surcharge on their Dining Plan. If you receive a Duke University scholarship or grant aid (including need-based, merit, and athletic aid), you will receive additional grant aid from Duke to cover the tax expense. At the end of the academic year, students will receive a refund of any unused NC Sales Tax Surcharge money left in their account. The refund will go to student's FLEX account, unless the student receives financial aid, to which the refund will be credited back to Financial Aid.

How can I purchase a gift card?
Gift cards are available and can be purchased by contacting: 919-660-3900 or by emailing at dining@duke.edu. Please allow a minimum of 7 days notice.
-Charge IRI, cash and checks are acceptable forms of payment for gift cards.
-Gift cards are for on campus, Duke Dining locations only. They exclude Washington Inn Duke and the restaurants at Duke University Hospital.