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As a service organization, it’s important for us to hear from you. Whether you have questions, complaints, or suggestions, your input is incredibly valuable to us. Please click here for our online comment card and feel free to contact us anytime at:

Duke Dining Services - Main Office
416 Chapel Drive
018 Brodhead Center
Box 90898

Office Phone: 919-660-3900


Lost Card?

If you have lost or misplaced your DukeCard please contact the DukeCard office or click on the link below for information on how to replace or receive a temporary card.

Lost or Stolen Card

To access your dining plan please present a photo ID to fill out a manual form for your meal purchase at any Duke Dining location until your card is found or replaced. 


Wellness Meal:

If you are unwell or injured and unable to get to a Duke Dining location for a meal service you may send someone in your place with your DukeCard to pick-up your meal by way of the following process:

-Send an email or a photo with you and your Duke ID stating that you grant permission to use your Dining Plan to pickup a wellness meal to the designated person picking up your meal. Please list the location and include that the dollar amount cannot exceed $20 (including tax).

-The student picking up the wellness meal will present to the on-campus venue either by hard copy or on their phone the email or photo, along with the sick/injured student's ID. 

-Order is placed and paid for with the sick/injured student's DukeCard. 

-Student picking up the meal will sign a Wellness Signature Form and will present their Duke ID to the cashier for verification.

Merchants-on-Points (MOP) are also available for evening delivery.

Have a project request?
-We receive many student project requests and ask that you fill out a project request form here.

Interested in purchasing a gift card?

-Gift cards may be purchased by contacting dining@duke.edu or by calling 919-660-3900.
-7 days minimum notice is required.
-Charge IRI, cash and checks are acceptable forms of payment for gift cards
-Gift cards are for on campus, Duke Dining locations only. They exclude Washington Inn Duke and restaurants at Duke University Hospital.

Refund Policy
Duke Dining’s mission is to create a great dining experience for the Duke Community and its visitors.We strive to provide food and beverages of the highest quality. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase from this location, please ask for a manager to request a replacement item. 

If you’re a student looking for part-time work, Duke Dining often hires students and offers a challenging and rewarding environment with good pay and flexible hours.

For information on job opportunities please contact Duke Dining’s Personnel Office at 919-660-3946.

Others looking for employment should apply online through Duke Human Resources.

Please click here for our online comment card.