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Location hours are up to date but are subject to change. Stay well, everyone!


Duke is home to one of the most innovative, dynamic and cutting-edge collegiate dining programs in the country. No matter where you are at Duke, there's someplace you can go to find what you're looking for when the craving hits you. Our award-winning program features more than 50 restaurants and cafes with an abundance of options and nutritious choices that helped Duke earn top rankings as one of the best campuses for college dining!

Menus and Dining Hours

Daily Symptom Monitoring:

Before leaving your dwelling to come to campus for the first time each day, you must complete a daily symptom monitoring activity through the Duke Symptom Monitoring Application (SymMon), downloadable from the Apple and Google Play app stores. If you report COVID-19 related symptoms through the SymMon app,you must contact the

COVID-19 Hotline and not attend in-person classes or utilize campus resources until

cleared by Duke Student Health. It is extremely important that you report symptoms with precision and accuracy to protect the health and

well-being of others in the Duke community.

Students must complete symptom-monitoring daily no later than12:00pm (noon), even if they have not left their dwelling. If a student has not completed their symptom monitoring by 12:00pm on any given day, they will receive a reminder message to do so. At 2:00pm any students who have yet to submit their symptoms via the SymMon app will have their DukeCard deactivated. More information about symptom monitoring can be found here.

Why some Dining Locations aren't open due to COVID-19:

In preparing for the fall semester, Duke Dining collaborated closely with our vendor partners and academic building stakeholders to assess the viability of reopening each of our dining locations. Together, Dining, our vendor partners, and the building stakeholders examined the onsite class sizes, faculty numbers, staff numbers, and student numbers that would be in the building on a daily basis. To assess if staff could safely work and customers could safely visit each location, Duke Dining also examined the ability to physical distance within each venue. The venues' proximity to the Brodhead Center and Bryan Center were also taken into consideration.

For some of our venues, the decision was collectively made that the location would not be able to sustain a viable operation for the fall semester. We are hopeful, however, that many--if not all--of these locations will reopen in the spring. Until then, please visit other Dining locations across campus that are open. Hours and menus for these locations can be found at the link above.




Other Dining Options


Duke Dine-Out Mobile Ordering is available for pick-up at Cafe, The Loop, Il Forno, Sazón, Ginger + Soy, Gyotaku, JB's Roasts & Chops, Beyu Blue, Freeman Center, Au Bon Pain, McDonald's, Trinity Café, The Farmstead, Sprout, and Thrive Kitchen and Catering for on campus residents only. (Thrive Kitchen and Catering can be accessed by both on and off campus residents at the Express Pick-Up location on the Au Bon Pain patio). 

Express Pick-Up, from a centralized location, and delivery is available for on and off campus residents. (participating locations, only).

How does it work?

It's getting late, your lecture notes are piled high, and you suddenly realize you won't be able to cram any longer without some grub!

Use your DukeCard loaded with food points to order a variety of foods delivered right to your door from a variety of vendors. 

Deliveries can be made to Duke University campus only. You must present your DukeCard ID to the merchant at time of delivery.

Note: You must set your DukeCard PIN to use the CellAuthorize payment system with these vendors. To set your PIN, visit My DukeCard and click on the DukeCard PIN button.

For your convenience and safety contactless delivery drop-off locations have been created and can be found on the map below. Please let the restaurant know which drop-off location you are closest to. You must be present at that location when the food is delivered with your DukeCard for payment.

Please see below for our current list of Merchants-on-Points vendors and their delivery times:

Devil’s Pizzeria

7 Days a Week: 5pm-10pm

(919) 286-3090

Enzo’s Pizza Co.

Sun-Thurs: 11am-10pm

Fri & Sat: 11am-11pm

(919) 309-3696

Jimmy John's

7 Days a Week: 10:30am to 9pm

(919) 286-5383

MediTerra Grill

7 Days a Week: 5pm-10pm

(919) 383-0066

Naan Stop

7 Days a Week:


Dinner: 5pm-10pm

(919) 641-3488

Sake Bomb

Sunday-Thursday: 5pm-10pm

Friday & Saturday: 5pm-11pm

(919) 401-4488

Sushi Love

Monday - Wednesday: 5pm-10pm

Thursday - Saturday: 5pm - 11pm

Sunday 5pm - 10pm

(919) 309-2401


Monday-Saturday: noon-9pm

Closed Sunday

(984) 219-7555


MOP Delivery Locations West Campus MOP Delivery Locations East Campus

MOP Delivery Spot #1: Chapel Drive Few Quad House GG Entrance, 420 Chapel Drive

MOP Delivery Spot #2: Edens Drive and Edens Quad House 2A, Khaya House, 113 Edens Drive

MOP Delivery Spot #3: Wannamaker Dorm Lane and Crowell Quad House BB 

MOP Delivery Spot #4: Wannamaker Drive and Keohane Quad House B, 101 Wannamaker Drive

MOP Delivery Spot #5: Kilgo Quad House Q, 120 Union Drive

MOP Delivery Spot #6: Blackwell and 51 Brodie Gym Drive 

MOP Delivery Spot #7: Swift Entrance, 300 Swift Avenue

MOP Delivery Spot #8: Blue Light Entrance 

MOP Delivery Spot #9: Avana Clubhouse

MOP Delivery Spot #10: Washington Duke Inn

Food trucks provide yet another Duke Dining option and can be accessed with food points. You can find the food truck calendar here!

Arepa Culture

Boricua Soul

Fiori Trattoria


Holy Mole