Duke Dining

Plans and Points

Food Points are accepted at the Duke Dining locations listed below*:

Au Bon Pain
Bella Union
Café De Novo
Café Edens
Café at Smith Warehouse
The Chef's Kitchen
The Commons Steakhouse
The Devil's Krafthouse
Dame's Express at Devil's Bistro
Divinty Café
Dolce Vita
The Farmstead
Freeman Center
Ginger and Soy
Il Forno
JB's Roasts & Chops
Joe Van Gogh
The Loop
Nasher Museum Café
Panda Express
Red Mango
Saladelia at Perkins
Saladelia at Sanford
The Skillet
Terrace Café
Trinity Café

Food Points are also accepted by our Merchants-on-Points partners and On-campus Food Trucks.


*Only Flex Funds are accepted at Washington Duke Inn. (Not a Duke Dining location).


Meal Plan Information

Duke offers a variety of Student Dining Plans to meet the varied needs of our students. Plans are lettered A-J, some specifically for first-year students, others for upper-class students, and still others for "non-resident" students.

Please click on the Plan Profile link below to access all plan profiles. If you have a qualified medical condition, you may request special dining accommodations by filling out a request form or by calling the Student Health Office.