Duke Dining

Dining Information For Parents

When your son or daughter comes to Duke, there are always questions about university life, including selecting the best dining plan. To help select the right dining plan for your student's needs, check out these plan profiles and complete a dining plan worksheet.

If you've got questions, contact Duke Dining Services at 919-660-3900 or dining@duke.edu.

Why are first-year students required to have a dining plan?
Socializing over a meal is a great way for students to forge strong relationships with peers and faculty. Duke's dining plan for first-year students provides meals at the Marketplace on East Campus, which allows social interaction in a comfortable setting close to first-year residence halls.

What is the first-year dining board plan?
First-Year students are offered two dining plans offering two differing levels of food points, depending on the needs of the student. View Plan Profiles.

What dining plans are offered for upperclassmen?
Beginning with their second year on campus, students are able to select from five dining plans. While off-campus students can choose from any of the upperclass plans there are two additional plans designed specifically for students living off-campus or on Central Campus. Off-campus & Central Campus Plans.

What if I don't estimate the right amount for my student's dining plan?
Students have until December 20, 2016 to reduce or enhance their spring semester dining plan. Plus, to supplement any dining plan, additional food points can be added throughout the year in increments of $25+. View information on adjusting dining plans.

What if a student misses breakfast and/or dinner at the Marketplace?
If a student misses breakfast, served Monday through Friday in the Marketplace, he or she may apply the meal equivalency (valued at $4.40) on the same day one of two ways: toward a made-to-order breakfast at the Skillet on West Campus (West Union) or toward an a la carte lunch selection in the Marketplace on East Campus. If a student misses dinner he or she may apply the meal equivalency (valued at $8.50) in the same week at Trinity Cafe.

What are Food Points?
Food Points are used to supplement dining plans. Each food point is equivalent to $1 and is accessed with a DukeCard. They can be used to buy snacks and meals at any on-campus eatery, Merchants on Points vendor, food trucks, and campus convenience store or vending machines.

What happens to extra food points at the end of the semester?
Food points remaining at the end of fall semester remain in the account for use during spring semester. Spring semester accounts must be purchased in full, regardless of food points left from fall semester.

No refunds are issued at the end of the academic year.