Duke Dining

FLEX information for Employees

Using FLEX virtually eliminates the need to carry cash on campus. Paying for food on campus is easy with a Flexible Spending Account, which is accessed with your DukeCard. Deposit money into your FLEX account and with a swipe of your DukeCard, you can buy meals and snacks at any campus eatery, Merchant on Points vendor, food trucks and campus convenience store or vending machine.

How to Use a FLEX Account

  • Open a FLEX account by visiting DukeCard Offices at 012 TelCom Building, lower level rear entrance, 684-5800.
  • Your DukeCard offers access to your FLEX account, much like a debit card.
  • To add funds, please¬†click here to manage account or DukeCard¬†office website for more information.