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Sustainability at Duke Dining


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Our Approach to Sustainability
“Sustainability” isn’t optional for Duke Dining; it’s who we are and how we define ourselves.

Duke Dining recognizes that the modern food system often pursues efficiencies and profit at the expense of environmental health, community well-being, and fair economic relationships. Faced with this reality, we eagerly take on the role of potential catalyst in this system.

Duke Dining has worked purposefully to fully understand all the issues that make up a sustainable dining program. In addition to setting a standard for purchasing locally, we also prioritize the purchase of products that are organic, humanely raised, fairly grown, and responsibly fished.


  • In 2017, Duke Dining earned the Gold Award in the category of ‘Procurement Practices’ from the National Association of College & University Food Services.
  • In 2016, Duke Dining’s Residential Dining Facility, Marketplace, received a 3-Star Green Restaurant Certification from the Green Restaurant Association.
  • In 2015, Duke Dining became the first and only university in the Southeast and only 1 of 12 in the nation to become Marine Stewardship Council Certified.
  • In 2015, after 2 years of research and gathering input from campus stakeholders, Duke Dining published the first draft of its Sustainability Plan.

Duke Dining’s Sustainability Standards
Duke University’s Dining Program takes an innovative approach to sustainable procurement and operations. You can learn more about our standards and approach by visiting each of the issues pages or by reading our Sustainability Plan below: