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Divinity Cafe

Divinity Cafe

This “green” environment-friendly eatery serves hot breakfast and lunch with fresh, conventional, vegetarian and Vegan options. Catering also available for large or small events. Enjoy fresh-baked bread and muffins, delicious soups, salads, wraps & more!

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These food items are made without the listed allergens to the best of our knowledge. Please know that with any large-food service corporation cross-contamination can occur and we ask that you notify the manager on-site of your particular allergy so that we can provide you with the best possible information.  We take food allergies seriously and will label to the best of our ability.

Menu: 4/14-4/18
MONDAY LUNCH                                                                                      
Soup:  Hearty Vegetable
Entree: Meatloaf w/Gravy
Pasta:  Pasta Oasis
Veggie:  Broccoli - Mashed Potatoes
Entree:  BBQ Chicken Quarters w/Slaw
Pasta:  Pasta Puttanesca
Veggie:  Corn - Baked Potato Wedges
TUESDAY LUNCH                                                                                      
Soup:  Artichoke Bisque                                                        
Entree:  Thai Peanut Sauce w/Chicken or Tofu
Pasta:  Beef or Veggie Lasagna                                     
Veggie: Green Beans - Peppers Panoply
Entree:  Gyros
Pasta:   Lemon Shrimp Alfredo
Veggie:  Stir Fry Cabbage - Glazed Carrots
WEDNESDAY LUNCH                                                                                 
Soup:   Minestrone                                                
Entree:  BBQ Sandwiches w/Slaw
Pasta:  Pasta Oasis                                          
Veggie: Zucchini - Squash Medley  - Chips
Entree:  Chicken BBQ
Pasta:  Athenian Mac and Cheese
Veggie:  Chips - Corn
THURSDAY LUNCH                                                                                     
Soup: Cream of Broccoli                                     
Entree: Reuben Casserole
Pasta:  Beefy Mac and Cheese                                                  
Veggie: Tomatoes Trinity - Corn
Entree:  Thai Peanut Sauce w/Chicken or Tofu
Pasta:  Baked Ziti w/Meatballs
Veggie:  Peas & Pearl Onions - Peppers & Onions
Soup:  Chef's Choice
Entree: Baked Cod w/Pineapple Salsa
Pasta: Beef or Veggie Lasagna
Veggie:  Asparagus - Red Baked Potatoes




Scrambled Eggs - Grits and/or Potatoes - Bacon - Sausage - Fresh Biscuits - Vegan Banana Muffins - Gluten Free Kitchen Sink Muffins - Blueberry and other varieties of fresh made Muffins and Breakfast Quick Breads - Fresh Fruit Salads - Oatmeal - Homemade Granola -  Greek or Soy Yogurts -  Whole Fruit - Fresh Fruit Salad - Local Hard Boiled Eggs - Yogurt Parfaits and much more!


Tomato Basil Soup & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - Garden Fresh Salads - Vegetable & Lentil Curry Served with Brown Rice and Quinoa Blend  – Vegan Bean Chili 

Wraps: Tuna Salad - Turkey & Cheese - Ham & Cheese - Chicken Salad - Hummus & Veggie - Smoked Salmon & more!

Sandwiches on the Go - Wrapped & Ready!  PB&J - PB & Banana - Ham & Cheese - Turkey & Cheese - Egg Salad - Chicken Salad & more!

From our CORE Catering Bake Shop: –  M&M Rice Krispy Treats – Carrot Cake – VEGAN Blueberry Orange Bread - Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownie – Cookies - Various Cheese Cakes - Creme Brulee & more!

A sampling of this week’s local vendors – Smith Angus Farm, Ashley Farms, Latta's Egg Ranch, First Hand Foods, Joe Van Gogh Coffee, The Bread Shop, M&M Farms, Cottle Farms, Out of the Blue, Eastern Carolina Organics, United Natural Foods

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Divinity School (map)


Summer Hours

M-F: 8a-3p
Sunday Brunch: 11a-3pm


All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Director of Event Planning: Monica Vaughan

Owner/Operator: Pat Eder

Core Catering