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The Loop Pizza Grill features a variety of hand-tossed pizzas, gourmet salads, fresh grilled fish, burgers, soups, desserts, and a "Lite Menu" for customers on vegetarian or health-conscious diets. Don't forget to try the thick milkshakes!

($5 or less)

Chicken Salad w/ House Chips

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These food items are made without the listed allergens to the best of our knowledge. Please know that with any large-food service corporation cross-contamination can occur and we ask that you notify the manager on-site of your particular allergy so that we can provide you with the best possible information.  We take food allergies seriously and will label to the best of our ability.

Refund Policy
Duke Dining’s mission is to create a great dining experience for the Duke Community and its visitors.We strive to provide food and beverages of the highest quality. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase from this location, please ask for a manager to request a replacement item. 

Bryan Center (map)

Cash, Food Points, Flex and Credit Cards Accepted

Managers: Nick Monday