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Nasher Museum Cafe

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Reminder that Nasher Cafe still accepts Food Points!

This sit-down restaurant serves a variety of locally grown and organic dishes, as well as upscale desserts and cappuccino-style beverages.

These food items are made without the listed allergens to the best of our knowledge. Please know that with any large-food service corporation cross-contamination can occur and we ask that you notify the manager on-site of your particular allergy so that we can provide you with the best possible information.  We take food allergies seriously and will label to the best of our ability.


Nasher Museum Cafe

- Soup du Jour & Ciabatta - $4.00

- Hummus & Pita - $5.00

- Fruit Salad/ Quinoa Salad/ Pesto Salad/ French Potato Salad/ Organic Field Green Salad - $3.50

- Grilled Cheese w/ Tomato - $5.00

Allergen Information


Lunch Menu


Brunch Menu  

S 11a-3p and Su 12p-3p

Thursday Night Menu

Nasher Museum (map)

Regular Hours

M: Closed

F-Sa: 11a-4:30p
Su: 12p-4:30p

Credit Cards Accepted

Manager: Aidan Peters
Owner/Operator: George Bakatsias