Duke Dining

Saladelia @ The Perk

Saladelia @ The Perk is a retreat from the stress of the day. It's where you can relax and enjoy our fair trade, organic tea and locally roasted coffee with homemade desserts and pastries. Also serving healthy signature sandwiches, wraps, salads and soups.

These food items are made without the listed allergens to the best of our knowledge. Please know that with any large-food service corporation cross-contamination can occur and we ask that you notify the manager on-site of your particular allergy so that we can provide you with the best possible information.  We take food allergies seriously and will label to the best of our ability.

($5 or less)

-Turkey sandwich and Kale salad
-Shawarma Wrap


Bostock Library (map)


Cash, Food Points, Flex and Credit Cards Accepted

Manager: Jared Jondoster: 919-613-2904 

Owner/Operator: Robert Ghanem