Dean of Students

Commonly Asked Health and Wellness Questions

What does the Health Fee pay for?

  • This fee supports a number of services and activities that foster a healthy campus community. Specifically, the fee covers most services rendered within the Student Health Center and Counseling and Psychological Services. Student Health provides urgent care for illness and injuries as well as long term management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma. Our Health Promotion staff works with clinic providers, Residential Life and Housing, Women’s Center, Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, and Counseling and Psychological Services to promote healthy student behaviors and foster a campus community in which healthy lifestyles are attainable.

Will my insurance work for care NOT received at Duke Student Health?

You need to check with your insurance company to find out if they will cover care within the Duke University Health System and this area in general. Most companies will cover emergencies anywhere.

These are the questions to ask your company:

  • Is the claims administrator based in the United States and does it have a US telephone num- ber and address for submission of claims?
  • Does the plan provide both emergency and non-emergency health care and mental health care benefits in the Durham area? (Medicaid and State Children’s Health Insurance Plans do not cover non-emergency care in Durham.)
  • Does the plan have participating hospitals, physicians, pharmacies and mental health care providers in the Durham area?
  • Does the plan provide inpatient and outpatient mental health care and chemical dependency benefits that are comparable to the coverage provided by the Duke SMIP?
  • Does the plan provides coverage for prescrip- tion medications?
  • Does the plan have a lifetime benefit of at least $500,000?
  • Is the student subject to a pre-existing condi- tion exclusion waiting period or does the plan have limits that significantly restrict access to health care services or supplies?
  • Does the plan have a deductible? If the plan has a deductible in excess of $500, consider if your student has adequate financial resources available to pay for expenses subject to the deductible.

My insurance has changed, what do I do?

  • Call the Student Health business office at (919) 681-2389 and give us the new information. Also make sure your student has the new card.

My student needs an air conditioner/single  room/special housing request for medical  reasons. How do I get this processed?

  • You can download a special housing request form from the Student Health page. Provide all the requested information and fax it to us at (919) 681-2874. Approvals are made based on medical need. Approval/denial will be communicated to your son or daughter via his/her Duke email account.

Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong with my student?

  • Confidentiality laws and HIPAA regulations prohibit us from sharing information with you without the student’s written consent. If your son or daughter gives us permission to discuss care given, we will gladly speak with you. You will be notified if your student is severely ill or injured.

How do I get my child’s laboratory results?

  • Your student must come into the Student Health Center and sign a release of medical information form. We will fax, mail or email the results within 3 business days.

I need a copy of my student’s immunizations.

  • Immunizations are “public records” so we can mail or fax the records to you without first obtaining written permission from the patient. Call our medical records office at (919) 681-9355 to have us send these records to you.

I have forms from my insurance company certifying my student is a full time student.  Where do I send them?

  • Send them to:
    The Registrar’s Office
    Box 90054
    Durham, NC 27708

My student’s allergist won’t give me his serum; he wants to send it to you. What do I do?

  • Tell the allergist to send the serum to your student. We have found inconsistencies within the Duke Medical Center mail delivery system that make proper refrigeration problematic if shipped to Student Health. Make sure your son or daughter refrigerates the serum and brings it to Student Health as soon as possible.

My son or daughter received some immunizations after we sent his/her forms in. Where do I send them?

  • Fax the forms to (919) 681-7386 or (919) 681-2874 or mail to:
    Box 2899, DUMC
    ATTN: Immunization Coordinator
    Durham, NC 27710

What is my student supposed to do if he/she needs health care on the weekend?

  • Health care or advice is available 24/7 by calling 681-WELL. The Student Health Center on West Campus is open for urgent care. Visit the Student Health page for hours. After hours, call UNC Health Link for nurse advice at (919) 966-3820. Urgent Care is also available at Duke Urgent Care on Hillandale Road. In the event of a true emergency, your son or daughter should go to the Duke Emergency Department. Charges incurred at the Duke Emergency Department or Duke Urgent Care are NOT covered by the health fee. Be sure your student takes his/her insurance card with him/her.

There is a charge on my child’s Bursar account. What’s it for?

  • Ask your student. Confidentiality laws prevent us from telling you, but we will tell your student if he/she contacts us.

Can I make an appointment for my student with a specialist at Duke?

  • Yes, you can. However, unless you have your student’s class schedule and know when he/shecan go, it is best to have him/her call. Because of the prominence of Duke Medical Center, the waiting list for new patient appointments can be months long. If your student has an urgent problem, he or she should schedule an appointment at Student Health first. We may be able to facilitate the appointment with the specialist.