Please Note: According to the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration, there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food, and there are no known cases of anyone contracting the virus that causes COVID-19 after touching food containers and food packaging.

Daily Symptom Monitoring:

Before leaving your dwelling to come to campus for the first time each day, you must complete a daily symptom monitoring activity through the Duke Symptom Monitoring Application (SymMon), downloadable from the Apple and Google Play app stores. If you report COVID-19 related symptoms through the SymMon app,you must contact the COVID-19 Hotline and not attend in-person classes or utilize campus resources until cleared by Duke Student Health. It is extremely important that you report symptoms with precision and accuracy to protect the health and well-being of others in the Duke community.

Students must complete symptom-monitoring daily no later than12:00pm (noon), even if they have not left their dwelling. If a student has not completed their symptom monitoring by 12:00pm on any given day, they will receive a reminder message to do so. At 2:00pm any students who have yet to submit their symptoms via the SymMon app will have their DukeCard deactivated. More information about symptom monitoring can be found here.

Where can I eat on campus? 

Current Duke Dining hours of operation can be found here, but are subject to change. 

UPDATE: Dining seating areas are temporarily closed. Due to the recent rise of COVID-19 cases, both locally and nationally, food will be available for pick-up only, until further notice. Don’t forget…you can order online through Duke Dine-Out Mobile Ordering!

Why some Dining Locations aren't open due to COVID-19:

In preparing for the fall semester, Duke Dining collaborated closely with our vendor partners and academic building stakeholders to assess the viability of reopening each of our dining locations. Together, Dining, our vendor partners, and the building stakeholders examined the onsite class sizes, faculty numbers, staff numbers, and student numbers that would be in the building on a daily basis. To assess if staff could safely work and customers could safely visit each location, Duke Dining also examined the ability to physical distance within each venue. The venues' proximity to the Brodhead Center and Bryan Center were also taken into consideration.

For some of our venues, the decision was collectively made that the location would not be able to sustain a viable operation for the fall semester. We are hopeful, however, that many--if not all--of these locations will reopen in the spring. Until then, please visit other Dining locations across campus that are open. Hours and menus for these locations can be found here.

What is Duke Dining doing to protect students’ and guests’ health and safety?  

Now and always, the safety of Duke’s students, guests, and employees is our number-one priority. We are working directly with Duke’s COVID-19 response teams to closely monitor the situation and take proactive steps to protect the health and safety of our community.  

In addition to our existing stringent health and safety protocols, we are taking extra precautions to ensure we’re doing everything we can to keep our community safe.  For more information please visit our Safety and Quality Assurance page.

In Duke Dining operations, we always:  

  • Require all employees to report any illness before reporting to their food-service shift  
  • Employ regular and strict cleaning protocols in all food preparation and cooking areas  
  • Employ rigorous procedures around cleaning and sanitation of all guest-contact surfaces  
  • Supply sanitizer for employees and guests  
  • Require all staff to be certified in stringent food safety training programs
  • Require all employees and guests to wear masks while in dining venues, except while eating in the designated dining areas
  • Designated signage for proper social distancing traffic patterns and queuing 

We are taking additional precautions, including:  

  • Extra training sessions on avoiding potential exposure, hand washing and reviewing the sick employee policy  
  • Mandate hand-washing every 20 minutes and between tasks  
  • Transitioned to all to-go ware to reduce potential exposure  
  • Removed all self-service options   
  • Encouraging social distancing and offering a take-out option 
  • Established an internal task force to monitor and provide guidance in real time  
  • Providing Care Meals to students in required isolation
  • Adding multiple new locations for Duke Dine-Out Mobile Ordering 
  • Conducting Steritech 3rd party virtual inspections

Is mobile ordering and pickup available at Duke Dining locations? 

Duke Dine-Out Mobile Ordering is available for pick-up at multiple on-campus locations. All Duke community members, currently on campus, may pick-up their orders at the location they ordered from. Additionally, Express Pick-Up and delivery options are available for both on and off campus residents. 

We are working on providing additional locations for this service. Duke Dine-Out Mobile Ordering information can be found here.

Can I eat in campus buildings? 

DukeCard access is required to enter most dining campus buildings. Locations will also be monitoring building occupancy counts.

Who can order from Duke Dining locations?  

To keep our community safe, Duke has placed restrictions on who can visit the University’s campus. DukeCard access is required to access many dining locations buildings. Please visit Duke's Coronavirus Response page for more information on who is permitted on campus.

Will dining be different regarding dietary or allergen needs under new Covid-19 procedures?

Duke Dining locations will continue to follow strict allergen-safety procedures. As always, some locations are better able to accommodate food allergies than others. If you have questions about the best places to eat for your particular allergy, please contact dining@duke.edu.

Duke Dining new fall semester program enhancements:

· Trinity Cafe will offer expanded hours to use the meal plan equivalency

· Marketplace will offer expanded hours for dinner service

· East Union will offer an outdoor food cart venue the Marketplace Express nightly

· Merchant's On Points will have expanded hours

· 15 Dining locations will be offering Mobile Ordering pick- up service

· Washington Duke Inn will allow students residing there the use of food points and Merchant's On Points delivery service

· Blue Light apartments will have access to Merchant's On Points service and Food Truck rotation

· Avana apartments will have access to Merchant's On Points service and Food Truck rotation

· Expanded grab and go options or take out options for all dining venues