Reporting a Concern

If you believe that you and/or someone else may be in any kind of immediate physical danger (if a weapon is involved, if you or others feel immediately and personally threatened, or if the students has a plan to do personal harm) at any time, call the police.

  • For ON-CAMPUS EMERGENCIES, call Duke Police at 919-684-2444, or dial 9-1-1.
  • For OFF-CAMPUS EMERGENCIES in the United States, dial 9-1-1.

If you are concerned about a student's health or behavior, and your concern is not considered an emergency, please complete a DukeReach report via the web, or call 919-681-2455. We would be happy to assist you.

Contact Us

During business hours you may contact us at 919-681-2455 or email us at dukereach@duke.edu. We will connect you to the appropriate resources.

For urgent concerns after business hours, call Duke Police (919-684-2444) or contact the Dean On-Call (cell: 984-287-0300). If you are calling from an international number, please dial DUPD directly at 919-684-2444 to ensure a prompt connection.

What happens when DukeReach receives a report?

  • Sexual Misconduct: DukeReach staff will connect with Gender Violence Prevention (GVPI) and The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, Title IX Coordinator (DukeReach staff are mandatory reporters)
    • DukeReach staff is mandated by Title IX to report violations of the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy including information regarding sexual misconduct, stalking, harassment, domestic violence, and dating violence.
    • DukeReach staff who become aware of conduct that might fall under this policy are expected to notify the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards with the names of the parties involved and the details of the report. Confidential Duke resources that are not mandated to report include the Student Health staff, CAPS staff, Women’s Center staff, clergy acting as such in their professional role at Duke, and university ombudsperson(s).
    • For more information on Duke’s Title IX policies, contact the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, or visit https://studentaffairs.duke.edu/TitleI
  • Physical health concerns: DukeReach staff will work with Student Health to coordinate support
  • Wellness check (non urgent):
    • On-campus students: DukeReach will work with Housing staff to make contact with the student to ensure health and safety, and assess the situation to determine whether long-term follow-up is appropriate
    • Off-campus and grad/prof students: DukeReach staff will attempt to connect with student via email, text or phone.
  • Anything affecting academic success: DukeReach staff will connect with the student's academic dean and or appropriate grad/professional Student Affairs contact
  • Housing related concerns (like a roommate disagreement): DukeReach staff will coordinate with Housing to provide support and assistance
  • Accommodations (whether housing or academic): DukeReach will forward to Student Disability Access Office
  • Concerns for a student in distress: DukeReach staff will contact the reporter and student(s) involved and advise follow-up (including CAPS/Emergency Department evaluation as necessary)
  • Concern for harm to others: DukeReach staff will contact DUPD, provide consultation, and follow up via Behavioral Assessment Team triage