Assistance & Intervention

To speak with someone regarding a student in distress, call the DukeReach line at 919-681-2455 (business hours). After hours, you may leave a message, and your call will be returned promptly the next business day. If it is after hours and the situation is urgent, call Duke Police (919-684-2444 / 911) or page the Dean on-Call (pager: 919-970-4169; or cell: 984-287-0300).

The information below is provided to help connect you with the assistance you need to meet the needs of a distressed student. All of these resources are available to you and to students during regular business hours unless otherwise noted.

If you believe you need more immediate assistance please click here to be referred to the Safety and Security section of this website.

Dean of Students Office: The Dean of Students Office serves as an initial contact for crisis (Dean on-Call) and the point of contact for the University regarding students of concern and students at risk. The Dean of Students office staff is available for consultation during regular business hours if you believe a student needs help that you cannot provide.

Phone: 919-668-3853.

Dean on-Call: The Dean on-Call is available by pager 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Dean on-Call serves as a consultant to the university community to address student concerns about a student. The Dean on-Call works closely with the Residence Coordinator on-Call.

For emergencies only. Cell: 984-287-0300.

DukeReach: The Assistant and Associate Deans who serve DukeReach oversee direct case management for students in distress and students with complex psychosocial needs by providing student outreach, assessment, support, follow-up, and tracking. These Assistant and Associate Deans also coordinate student services and provide connections with campus departments as well as outside agencies and providers.

Phone: 919-681-2455.

Residence Coordinator on-Call: The Residence Coordinator (RC) on-Call  is a professional staff member who lives and works in the residence halls. Housing Assignments may also be able to assist you with your concern. The RC on-Call can help solve urgent problems related to living arrangements, roommate conflicts, or other concerns impacting a student's life. The RC on-Call is available by pager every day in which Duke students live on campus. The RC on-Call works closely with the Dean on-Call.

For emergencies only. Pager: 919-970-4466.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): CAPS provides consultation for faculty, staff, and students regarding student mental health concerns or crisis situations impacting a student community. CAPS provides a range of services including counseling, psychiatric evaluation, consultation, and outreach program delivery. Some common reasons why individuals seek CAPS consultation are the impact of a student death on a group of people, questions about a student that shows signs of mental illness, concerns about a student in the midst of a personal crisis, and mental health support during a local or national crisis. Often, CAPS staff are made available to assist directly via outreach discussions or debriefings or by offering helpful information about coping with challenges.

Phone: 919-660-1000.

Gender Violence Prevention & Intervention: The office of Gender Violence Prevention & Intervention (GVPI), located in the Women's Center, works with students who have been the victims of sexual harassment, assault, dating violence, or stalking. Students are informed of their Title IX rights and can receive such direct services as advocacy and assistance obtaining appropriate medical care, academic relief, room reassignments, interface with law enforcement, courts and the Office of Student Conduct. In addition, this office provides individual assessment and therapy for survivors.

Phone: 919-684-3897 or after hours 919-886-6814

Student Health: Duke Student Health and Health Services are jointly run by the Department of Pediatrics and the Division of Student Affairs. Student Health provides an access point for medical concerns ranging from allergies to major health related crises.

Phone: 919-681-9355.

Duke Emergency Department: The Duke Emergency Department can assist you with emergency medical and/or psychological concerns 24 hours a day. If you are working with a student experiencing a mental health emergency please contact the Duke Emergency Department.

Phone: 919-684-2413 and ask to speak to the Psychiatrist-on-Call.

Duke University Police Department: If you believe that you or someone else may be in immediate physical danger (if a weapon is involved; if you or others feel immediately and personally threatened; or if the student has a plan to do personal harm) call 919-684-2444 (for situations on campus) or 911 (for situations off campus). The Duke University Police Department (DUPD) can play an important role in connecting a student to emergency resources. Additionally, DUPD can help with crime prevention in your area or provide you with a method to report criminal or suspicious activity. 

Phone: 919-684-2444 or 911.

Behavioral Assessment Team: The Duke Behavioral Assessment team is a team of professionals from the Division of Student Affairs, Duke Police, and others within the Duke community (on an ad hoc basis, as necessary) who meet in response to reported, potentially dangerous student behavior. The committee discusses a systematic and holistic approach in responding to concerning student behavior and recommends a plan of action designed to mitigate any real or perceived threat.

This page provides you with a variety of non-emergency resources that may assist you in addressing a student's concern. If this is an emergency and you need more immediate assistance, please click here to go to the Safety & Security section of this website.