Post-Hospitalization Support

DukeReach provides post-hospitalization support, coordination of care, and advocacy. A student who is admitted to the hospital will be referred for case management. In the hospital, students are encouraged to sign a Release of Information and request that contact be made with DukeReach and the Dean of Students Office. If requested by the student or hospital staff, DukeReach will meet with the student in the hospital prior to discharge. The DukeReach Assistant and Associate Deans will then follow-up with the student to formulate a plan for ongoing care and support.

Case management services are available to help with the following:

  • Acting as liaison between the student and campus departments as requested by the student
  • Coordinating academic questions or concerns with the student’s Academic Dean, including notifying professors and others of any absences or missed work during a hospitalization. Please note: unless otherwise indicated by the student, professors will be informed that the student has experienced a medical emergency
  • Providing coordination and referral assistance with the hospital staff and Duke’s Counseling and Psychological Services for post hospitalization counseling and medical treatment.
  • Providing information relayed by the student's academic dean regarding leaves of absence from school should it be indicated
  • Assisting the student with reintegration into the Duke residential and/or campus community
  • Providing ongoing care coordination and support for students referred for health and/or mental health treatment in the community
  • Other supports as needed on a case-by-case basis