Safety & Security

If you are concerned about the immediate safety of a student or those around a student dial 911 or call Duke Police at 919-684-2444.

Duke University wants all faculty, students, and staff to be safe on or off campus. If you are in a situation involving an individual who may be an imminent threat to self or others, call 911 or contact Duke University Police at 919-684-2444.

DUPD provides 24-hour law enforcement and security services including emergency response. DUPD will dispatch EMS if the situation requires.

Sometimes the concerns we have can be solved through the intervention of another department or person. If you are in an emergency and it would help you to speak directly with the Dean on-Call, please call 984-287-0300. The Dean on-Call will return your page within 10 minutes. If you cannot wait for the return call from the Dean on-Call please dial 911 or contact Duke University Police at 919-684-2444.