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DuWell helps students focus on their individual wellness by looking at the integration of many areas of their life, including financial, social, spiritual, intellectual, mind-body well-being, and the environment around them. 

When we as community members are actively caring for ourselves, the community becomes strong and healthy. There is no '€œright way' of wellness that can be applied to all people, but there are common elements to guide us. Our goal is for the Duke community to be one that encourages caring for each of our members. 

Tom Szigethy, MA, Associate Dean and Director

Masters of Counseling - St. Joseph College, CT
B.S. Mental Health - Franciscan University, OH


Michelle Johnson, BS, Staff Assistant
Office: 919-681-8421

B.S. Business Administration - University of Mount Olive, NC


David Mallen, M.Ed., Assistant Director

Doctoral Candidate in Higher Education Administration - Penn State, PA
Masters of Education - Grand Canyon University, AZ
B.S. Communication Arts - Loyola Marymount University, CA


Justin Sharpe, MPH, CHES, CSAPC, Student Development Coordinator


Masters of Public Health -  East Carolina University, NC
B.S. Public Health - East Carolina University, NC

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday | 8:00am - 5:00pm

First Floor
Duke Student Wellness Center
305 Towerview Drive


Phone: 919-681-8421
Fax: 919-684-1161

Mailing Address:
Duke Student Wellness Center
305 Towerview Road
BOX 90944
Durham, NC 27708


This weekly listserv helps keep you informed about Wellness related events on campus, and also serves as a space to publicize your group or department's Wellness related events.

Want to subscribe or advertise your wellness event our our list? Email us!

We are available to facilitate discussions and present workshops on a variety of wellness topics and can adapt any workshop to meet the needs of your group. 

Topics can include stress management, sleep hygiene, alcohol education, sexual health education, and more!

Tips on Hosting a Successful Workshop

  • Decide on a topic that's of interest to everyone
  • Identify a date that's at least two weeks out
  • Allow yourself time to coordinate and promote the program

Many student organizations or teams also meet with us to define practices, policies and procedures to keep their members safe and healthy. 

Small group discussions can help your group:

  • Learn more about wellness resources available on campus
  • Discuss how your group's culture affects everyone within the group
  • Discuss ways that your group can be involved with community health issues
  • Address the disruptive behaviors of specific group members
  • Get advice on how to help a friend dealing with a substance use problem or other health issue

To schedule a workshop or group discussion, email DuWell or call 919-681-8421 at least two weeks in advance.

DuWell offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to gain direct experience with our center's daily happenings:

  • DuWell's Wellness Internship program offers paid positions to students interested in developing skills in group facilitation, marketing & communication, and research on topics related to wellness. They also offer support to the office and two OASIS spaces.
  • DuWell Graduate Assistants assist with various wellness related projects, attends staff meetings across campus, and relates public health curricula to a higher education wellness center setting.
  • DuWell occasionally offers graduate-level practicums for public health and higher education students. These positions range based on current needs of DuWell, and are generally unpaid positions.

For more information about internships and work opportunities, contact DuWell at 919-681-8421 or duwell@studentaffairs.duke.edu.

DuWell offers a number of resources that can help individuals or groups improve their wellness and also serves as as a hub for connecting to other health and wellness related services on campus.