Party Monitor Trainings

Party Monitor Trainings are a chance for students to talk with other student leaders and learn skills regarding:

  • The goals of hosting events
  • The roles of the Party Monitor
  • The risks associated with alcohol and other drug use
  • How to promote safe social behaviors
  • Resources and support for your group
  • Develop skills to address potentially dangerous and questionable behavior among your guests, including overconsumption of alcohol and drugs and situations potentially involving sexual assault

For ALL events involving alcohol, there must be one Party Monitor for every 25 expected attendees. Party Monitors must have completed one training each academic year.  When planning an event, names of Party Monitors must be submitted with the Space Request. Program Notification Form, and through Dukegroups.com.

Register and Attend a Training
We ask that students who wish to become certified Party Monitors sign up 2-3 weeks (when possible) in advance of their planned event, as trainings fill up quickly and you are not guaranteed a spot in a class if your event is too close to your event. Members of the same organization DO NOT have to sign up for the same session. Remember to bring your Duke ID and smartphone or laptop!

You only need to complete one training each academic year. Registration is required. Registration will close once capacity is reached.

If you are unable to attend a session you have registered for, please email DuWell or call 919-681-8421 so we may open up your spot for another student interested in completing the training.

2017 - 2018 Introductory Party Monitor Dates Location: Student Wellness Center

Advanced Party Monitor Dates ***Introductory Party Monitor is a prerequisite*** 

Any students who have completed Introductory Party Monitor Training within the past two academic years have the option to take a quiz as an alternative to attending the full, in-person training. All quizzes are by appointment only, take place in the DuWell office, and last approximately 30 minutes. 

To make an appointment for an Advance Party Monitor Training, click here.