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Our goal is to directly engage students through a variety of wellness activities across campus in an effort to support and emphasize self care. From mindfulness to tea-laxation, knitting groups to blogging, there is something for everyone!

Ongoing Wellness Activities

We have teamed up with Duke's meditation community to offer one-hour guided meditations each week. Guidance will begin at 2:00pm, but feel free to join for part or all of the session. Sessions take place in DuWell on the first floor of the Student Wellness Center.

Open to all Duke Students, faculty, and staff.


The Intermission series was created by one of our Wellness Interns to give students a chance to become a part of an inclusive community while learning or improving upon a skill that promotes wellness through mindful activity. 


The current series is focusing on knitting. Join other students and learn how to knit or improve on your knitting skills. All materials are provided, but you are more than welcome to bring your own yarn and knitting needles. No prior experience necessary!

  • WHEN: Every Wednesday, unless classes are not being held
  • TIME: 7:00 - 8:00pm
  • WHERE: Oasis West | 1st Floor | Student Wellness Center
  • QUESTIONS: natalie.benderly@duke.edu

Do you enjoy writing? We are always looking for students to share their wellness experiences and stories through our blog.


OASIS East & OASIS West:

These two spaces are a calming and soothing place for students to relax, talk, learn how to manage stress, enjoy the comfy couches, meditate, gaze at the fish tank, and check out all of the different ways to de-stress.



  • Location: 109 Bell Tower Residence Hall
  • Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 4:00pm - 10:00pm


  • Location: Duke Student Wellness Center, First Floor
  • Hours: 
    • Sunday: 4:00pm - 10:00pm
    • Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 10:00pm



This weekly listserv helps keep you informed about Wellness related events on campus, and also serves as a space to publicize your group or department's Wellness related events.

Want to subscribe or advertise your wellness event our our list? Email us!


It's Your Move! promotes a shared responsibility of embracing, supporting, and fostering the Duke community by creating change, getting trained and finding support. Students come to Duke with unique experiences and backgrounds under the assumption that Duke will be a place where they will be accepted, thrive, and rely on others for support. The diversity among all members of our community is what makes Duke great. We all benefit and learn from the differences we bring regarding culture, experiences and walks of life.

It’s Your Move! asks, “What will you do to make Duke a better place?”
It’s Your Move! says, “I will act to make Duke a place that embraces diversity, provides support for my peers, and does not accept intolerant and destructive acts.”
It’s Your Move! - so take it.

Learn how to make a difference!
The It’s Your Move! campaign unites and collaborates with many organizations, centers, and individuals on campus to create a healthy, diverse community that is proud of its culture of shared engagement. To participate in this goal, you can attend one of the following trainings already available on campus to acquire skills and knowledge to do your part.

True Blue is a program presented during Orientation Week and is required for all first-year students to attend.

The program provides information about substance use, sexual assault, sexual health, stress management, sleep, nutrition and healthy choices that allow students to make the best of their experience at Duke.

If you are interested in performing in True Blue or have questions about the program, contact Maralis Mercado at 919-681-8421 or maralis.mercado@duke.edu.


Coming Soon!

Relax, restore, and energize your physical and mental well-being by coming together to create rhythm, a universal language that allows us to connect with ourselves and others. Through this experience you will begin to encounter how drumming induces relaxation and feelings of well-being, while releasing stress.