Sexual Health & Healthy Relationships


Having healthy relationships platonically, romantically, and sexually can be a fun part of your experience at Duke, but it often takes time and practice to navigate new social connections like relationships. The decision to be sexually active is personal and different for each individual and is an important component of practicing holistic wellness. Knowing the correct information and being able to access reliable resources can help you make informed, safe, healthy decisions, and DuWell is here to help you.

At DuWell, students have access to resources and information that addresses the spectrum of sexual health and healthy relationships topics. Below we’ve outlined a selection of the resources that exist for you. Please reach out to lindsey.parker@duke.edu for more information.

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Safer Sex Supplies

Thanks for dropping in! You may request free safer sex supplies below using the Qualtrics form. Supplies can be purchased at the Duke Campus Center Pharmacy. Additionally, some residence halls have supplies available for purchase in vending machines. For more information, please contact: lindsey.parker@duke.edu.

For personal use, resident advisors, student organizations, or campus departments:

  • Lubricated latex condoms
  • Non-lubricated latex condoms
  • Lubricated polyurethane and polyisoprene (latex-free) condoms
  • Flavored condoms
  • Water-based lubricant
  • Flavored lubricant
  • Latex dams

Request a Sexual Health or Healthy Relationship Workshop

To support our ongoing efforts in leveraging the power of education and to increase access to these resources for everyone in the Duke community, all workshops and trainings listed below are open to faculty, staff, and students. Click below to learn more about our offerings.

DuWell is happy to tailor a workshop to address the specific needs of your group or organization. Please contact lindsey.parker@duke.edu to plan and schedule a workshop.

Focused on building and maintaining healthy relationships through interactive components, the goal of these educational sessions are to examine relationships on a continuum. Sessions can be tailored to fit your group dynamic for maximum benefit. 

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This interactive workshop takes the awkward out of traditional sex ed sessions by introducing sexual health topics using famous artworks. This workshop provides an introduction to safer sex, sexually transmitted infections, communication, and online dating. Attendees will be able to engage with each artwork and topic using an anonymous response tool. 

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The Men's Engagement curriculum is a 3-week group that engages men in meaningful conversation regarding healthy masculinity, vulnerability, and communication. The goal of this program is to create sustained, open dialogue that impacts the individual and the Duke community.

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Our most popular workshop! This 60 minute workshop covers all the basics about sexual health, from communication to protection. Sexual Health 101 provides information to help students develop the skills and knowledge to lead sexual lives that are healthy, fulfilling, respectful, and fun. 

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