Sexual Health Education

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The decision to be sexually active is personal and different for each individual and most often aligns with one's values.  We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive education framework that addresses sexual health and how it impacts student life. We strive to deliver programming and events that are holistically inclusive and serve the diverse Duke community. At DuWell, students have access to resources and information that addresses the spectrum of sexual health topics including pregnancy prevention, STI transmission, and healthy relationships.

Safer Sex Supplies

For personal use, resident advisors, student organizations, or campus departments:

  • Lubricated latex condoms
  • Non-lubricated latex condoms
  • Lubricated polyurethane and polyisoprene (latex-free) condoms
  • Flavored condoms
  • Water-based lubricant
  • Flavored lubricant
  • Latex dams

Request a Sexual Health Workshop

Our most popular workshop! This 60 minute workshop covers all the basics about sexual health, from communication to protection. Sexual Health 101 provides information to help students develop the skills and knowledge to lead sexual lives that are healthy, fulfilling, respectful, and fun. 

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This workshop tells you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about external (male) condoms, internal (female) condoms, dental dams, and birth control!

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Get answers to those itchy questions! This 45-minute workshop covers information on sexually transmitted diseases, how people acquire them, and what you can do to prevent them for yourself and your partners.

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Approximately ½ of the yearly 19 million new cases of HIV affect people ages 15-24. Learn the basics of HIV/AIDS, how people acquire HIV, and what you can do to prevent infection for yourself and your partners.

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