How to Maintain your Mental Health and Wellbeing

For most of us, having to unexpectedly leave or disengage with our communities  – even if just for a short time – can be stressful. 

Here are 6 tips that you can use to maintain your mental health and wellbeing:  

  1. Maintain a normal routine to the extent possible. Keep to a regular schedule, as this can be reassuring and promotes physical health.  

  2. Practice healthy habits and the kinds of self-care that most benefit you. Prioritize getting a healthy amount of sleep, eating well, and moving or exercising regularly.  

  3. Take breaks to ease your mind and distract yourself when you start to worry. Go for a walk. Watch a movie. Try a meditation app. For more skills to consider, head to activeminds.org/selfcare.  

  4. Mindfulness and meditation can boost the immune system. Meditation will also reduce cortisol in the system so decrease stress.

    • We are now offering our Koru Mindfulness classes online through Zoom. To register, click here.

    • Moments of Mindfulness Programming will be hosted online through the Zoom platform. Visit our site for additional information.  

  5. Avoid crowds — but do what you can to stay connected. Off-campus, distance learning can mean you might find yourself geographically separated from the people you would normally see on campus. Make the effort to stay connected through social media, email, texting, and video calls.  

  6. Seek news only from reliable sources, and only in moderation. As with all things, we often find ourselves over-consuming news and updates. Try not to become too absorbed in the coverage for long periods of time, and find opportunities to appropriately disconnect. Set limits for yourself and check-in with yourself so you know when to take a break.  

Please know that the Student Wellness Center is sending positive thoughts, encouragement and online support your way.  

This information was adapted from the article: Coping and Staying Emotionally Well During COVID-19 related School Closure