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  • 4/16

    Cruise around the world w/ Duke Dining at our annual Customer Appreciation Dinner! Climb aboard and enjoy menus from Asia, Bahamas, Europe, Hawaii, New Zealand & South America & games, too!

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  • Passport To Penn Pavilion

    Pick up your FREE passport at Penn Pavilion! Purchase an entree from each Penn Pavilion venue for a chance to win BIG prizes!

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  • Celebrate Our Bodies Week

    Let's talk about positive body image.

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    Check out Penn Pavilion's new hours here 

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Have You Heard?

Apr 02, 2014

During last week’s Greek Ally Week, Blue Devils United hosted a student panel about being both Greek and LGBTQ on Duke’s campus.  The next day’s Chronicle article incorrectly identified one of the African-American panelists as “queer,” which made her uncomfortable.  “What is ‘queer’ supposed to mean?” she asked me later.  The term is vague, politicized, and simultaneously lacking