Housing & Residence Life

First Year Housing Application Instructions

After reading all instructions, click on the application link at the bottom of this page. You will be linked to a page that requires you to login.  You will need your netID and password to login.

Dining Plan Selection: All students on East Campus will be assigned Dining Plan I. Information about the dining plan can be found at the Duke Dining website.

After you review the Dining Plan Selection, click the “Next Step” button at the bottom of the page.

Lifestyle Questions for Roommate Matching: The seven questions below are used in our roommate matching process. Past experience has shown these questions to be effective in creating roommate matches based on lifestyle preferences, rather than personalities. Everyone has to complete this section, even if you are hoping for a single room. Please be honest in answering these questions – roommate matches are only as good as the information that you provide.

Question 1: Smoking Habits

  • If you are a regular smoker, select yes.
  • If you are not a smoker, select no.

Question 2: Smoking Habits

  • If you smoke occasionally in social settings, please select yes, indicating you are a social smoker.
  • If you never smoke, select no.

Question 3: Roommate Smoking Preference

  • If you do not want a smoker or social smoker for a roommate, select yes, (indicating that you do mind if your roommate smokes).
  • If you do not mind if you have a smoker or social smoker roommate, select no.
  • If you don’t care about your roommate’s smoking habits, select no pref.

Question 4: Studying Habits

  • If you prefer noise while studying (television, music, etc.), select yes.
  • If you prefer silence while studying, select no.
  • If you do not care either way about noise while studying, select no pref.

For questions 5 and 6, be realistic about your sleep habits – don’t forget you won’t be on a high school class schedule anymore, so think about your sleep preferences, and not necessarily your high school habits.

Question 5: Sleep Habits

  • If you generally prefer to go to bed late (after 12am), select yes.
  • If you tend to go to sleep earlier, select no.
  • If your habits vary, select no pref.

Question 6: Sleep Habits

  • If you expect to wake up before 8am regularly, select yes.
  • If you generally expect to sleep later than 8am, select no.
  • If your habits vary, select no pref.

Question 7: Cleanliness Habits

  • If you prefer your room to be neat, select yes.
  • If you generally prefer your room to be messy, select no.
  • If your habits vary, select no pref.

Housing Preferences: The next few questions identify your room preferences. We will take your preferences into account when making your assignment, but we cannot guarantee that all room preferences will be met. While the majority of rooms are doubles, there are also single available but are very limited. 

All residence halls are mixed-gender. Remember, there are two mixed-gender options: single-gender by wing (a hallway will be half male identifying and half female identifying) and single-gender per floor, male identifying students on one floor and female identifying students on a different floor.

Students will be placed randomly in air-conditioned spaces; AC can be central, window unit, or portable unit. You will not be asked about your AC preference on your application. 

Question 8: Living Learning Communities

Arts Community

  • If you do not wish to live in the Arts Community or Substance Free Community, select "No, I do not prefer a living learning community."
  • If you wish to live in the Performance Arts Community, select "Yes, I prefer Performing Arts Community."
  • If you wish to live in the Substance Free Community, select "Yes, I prefer the Substance Free Community."

Question 9: Single Gender Floor

  • Single-gender floors are floors with either all female identifying or male identifying students living on the floor. If you wish to live on a single-gender floor, select "yes." If you do not want to live on a single-gender floor, select "no." If you have no preference, select "no pref." Transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming students may live on any floor that is affirmin gof the gender identity and/or gender expression.

Question 10: Gender Inclusive Housing

  • Gender Inclusive Housing refers to individual rooms or suites where the gender of the roommates is not taken into consideration when the room is assigned through the assignment process. Gender Inclusive Housing will be located across East Campus, on floors with a designated gender-inclusive bathroom. While this is intended to support students who identify as LGBTQIA, this is available to all students who feel they would be more comfortable in a gender-inclusive room/suite or feel they could provide a safe and inclusive space for another student regardless of gender identity/expression, sexual/romantic orientation or any other factor.

  • If you wish to live in Gender Inclusive Housing, select "yes." If you do not want to live in Gender Inclusive Housing, select "no." If you have no preference, select "no pref."

Question 11: Single Room

  • If you prefer a single room, please select yes.
  • If you do not want a single, select no"

After you have identified your housing preferences, select “Next Step” at the bottom of the page.

Agreements: The next three questions identify policies, terms and contracts you must agree to in order to live on campus.

Agreement 1: All students are required to live on campus for six semesters. You can review information regarding the live-on requirement here.

Agreement 2: All students must agree to abide by the housing License and Terms to live on campus.

Agreement 3: All students that live on campus are required to have a dining plan and also abide by the 2020-2021 Dining Contract.

After you select “Yes” to the three agreements, click the “Finish” button at the bottom of the page.
You will be brought to a final confirmation screen and have now submitted your housing application. An email will be sent to your duke.edu email address after you click the finish button with your application responses.

Click here to complete your Housing and Dining Application.

Please note:
Class of 2025 housing assignments will be available via my.duke.edu on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.
Applications received after May 31 will be considered late and you will not receive your assignment information until Monday, July 19, 2021.