Housing & Residence Life

On-Campus Housing Requirement

All students are required—to the extent that housing is available—to live on campus for their first three years. We will continue to apply semesters spent in “study away” programs toward the three-year residency requirement. Students are guaranteed the opportunity to live on campus during their fourth year. (See note below.)

Students may choose to live off campus at the completion of their third year. Students who wish to live off campus must notify Housing and Residence Life (HRL) in writing of their plans by the published deadlines. Students choosing to live off campus should be aware that they will be subject to all city ordinances, particularly those related to occupancy, noise, parking, and litter.

Active students still bound by the three-year requirement who do not have an on-campus housing assignment will be contacted to make arrangements for an assignment. Students will be charged for the room size to which they are assigned. Students who do not follow through on an assignment request will be charged for the room size most commonly occupied by members of their class year.

Note: Our long-term goal is to provide on-campus housing for all students during their first three years and for any senior who wishes to remain on campus. However, new construction and renovations may result in a temporary shortfall in housing availability. In some cases we may modify the three-year residency requirement, resulting in some juniors as well as some seniors living off campus. In addition, during the new construction and renovation process the university may temporarily suspend the four-year housing guarantee for seniors. We look forward ultimately to providing housing to any seniors who wish to remain on campus.