Housing & Residence Life

Spring Housing Information

The information below outlines details for our 2020 spring process.

Application deadlines and descriptions of spring housing options are outlined below. Please review the information carefully to determine the appropriate action for your spring semester housing. If you have any questions about which application or form to complete, please contact Housing Assignments at (919) 684-4304 or email at housing@duke.edu. All spring housing information will be communicated via your duke.edu email account.

Applications are now available on the Housing Portal.

Spring 2020 Housing Deadlines and Timeline

Tuesday, September 24 - Spring housing materials available online

Wednesday, October 9 - Selective Living Group housing membership lists and rosters due to Housing Assignments

Monday, October 14 - Deadlines for:

  • Assignment Application or Reassignment
  • Housing Cancellation Request
  • Preferred Roommates
  • Off Campus Lottery
  • Part-Time Student Status Housing Request

Wednesday, October 23 - Cancellation, Off Campus Lottery, Part-Time Status decisions emailed to students' duke.edu email account

Tuesday, November 19 - Housing assignments and reassignments emailed to students’ duke.edu email account

Students returning from study away / leave of absence must complete the spring housing application. You may list a preferred roommate and location preferences. Leave of absence students will be assigned once confirmation of the student’s return is received from the Office of Student Returns.

Students returning from Marine Lab must complete the spring housing application. You may list a preferred roommate and location preferences.

Juniors that have lived on campus five semesters (including fall 2019), can apply for the off campus housing lottery. Fall and spring semester study away programs count towards the residency requirement. Summer sessions, summer study away programs, and leave of absence do not count towards the requirement.

Applying for the off-campus lottery is not a guarantee of release. Committing to a lease agreement without release from the residency requirement could result in paying for on-campus and off-campus housing.

You may request a reassignment to a new location. You may also request reassignment to be paired with a preferred roommate. You should complete the reassignment application. Space is limited, and preference is given to students returning from study away and preferred roommates. A reassignment is not guaranteed.

If you are reassigned, you will be required to move out of your fall assignment by noon on Tuesday, December 17. You will be allowed to move into your spring assignment on Saturday, January 4. Details regarding this process will be emailed to your duke email account.

Upperclass students who anticipate a vacancy in their room or apartment for the spring semester may indicate a preferred roommate by completing the preferred roommate form. Your preferred roommate should also complete the reassignment application and indicate you as a preferred roommate. If a vacancy is not confirmed, it may not be possible to place preferred roommates together. If you do not have a preferred roommate, a random roommate will be assigned to the space based on the answers to the lifestyle questions provided by each student.

You should complete the preferred roommate form. Your preferred roommate should also complete a housing application and indicate you as a preferred roommate.

Students who are sure of their plans to leave Duke or move off campus for the spring semester should complete the housing cancellation form. Students can cancel their spring housing for the following reasons:

• Approval from SDAO to live off-campus
• December 2019 graduation
• Fall only exchange student
• Met the six-semester residency requirement
• Robertson Scholar exchange to UNC
• Spring 2020 leave of absence (medical or personal)
• Spring 2020 RA
• Spring 2020 study away program
• Withdrawal from Duke University

Robertson Scholars coming to Duke for the spring semester should complete the spring housing application. If you are planning to live with a Selective Living Group (SLG), you will still need to complete the application and indicate the name of the SLG you will be living with for the spring semester.

Robertson Scholars going to UNC for the spring semester should complete the spring housing cancellation form.

All SLG members returning to campus must complete the spring housing application. SLGs are expected to have 100% occupancy for spring term. SLG members should communicate with their housing liaison and/or president to determine specific housing assignment within the SLG.