Housing & Residence Life

Living Learning Communities

Duke University offers numerous opportunities for interested students to partake in intentionally designed Living Learning communities (LLCs) that incorporate the residential component of the college experience along with other academic and social pursuits. While membership in these groups may be limited, activities offered are often open to the general student population. LLCs are sponsored, resourced, and facilitated by an office, often in conjunction with faculty partners. Students apply to join these communities and are selected by the sponsoring office.

Eruditio et Religio - located in Blue Ridge House, Keohane B 4, 5, 6

Duke University Chapel, Residence Life, and the Interreligious Scholars Program have partnered to form Eruditio et Religio, Duke's newest living-learning community. The program is built around fostering relationships with people of diverse religious traditions and preparing students to work together for the common good. To learn more, check out the group's website. You can find the application here.

Kenan Global Justice - located in Banham House, Edens 1B
The Global Justice LLC provides a unique space on-campus, in which students ethically engage the world locally and globally. The LLC will offer up to 18 students the opportunity to engage with global justice off-campus through funded house trips and on-campus through dinners, social events, and discussions with faculty and guests, all of which provide excellent networking opportunities. This house will be an exciting opportunity for students interested in big ethical questions related to human rights, global migration, regulatory governance, human behavior and decision-making, or religion's role in public life. Residents will have the opportunity to shape how the LLC wrestles with questions about what global justice might mean in a pluralistic world through taking on leadership roles and pinpointing their personal ethical interests. 

Visions of Freedom - located in BelAir House, Edens 1A
The Visions of Freedom LLC is community of upperclassmen based in Edens 1A with a common passion for politics, philosophy, and economics. Last fall, the group's house course focused on international conceptions of  justice and political legitimacy and the LLC takes a Fall trip to Washington D.C. The LLC holds optional events like weekly group dinners focused on a controversial topic and a book club with the PPE department. The LLC members are bipartisan and have also hosted numerous watch parties for political events and coffee chats with public officials like Congressman Lipinski (D-IL). To learn more, check out the group’s website and promotional video.