Housing & Residence Life

Selective Living Groups

Sections of the residential community have been designated for fraternity, sorority, and social selective groups, known collectively as Selective Living Groups (SLGs), and administrative groups, such as WHO and Baldwin, known collectively as Living Learning Communities (LLCs). Membership is determined by the student members and conducted through a recruitment process. SLGs are responsible for their group's housing assignments and determine the process for individual assignments. Housing Assignments offers advice and parameters of the process but does not manage the housing assignments for SLGs. SLG members living in section are expected to work with their housing liaison, house president, or president for assignments/reassignments. SLG members not living in section participate in the independent housing process.

Currently, we are not accepting applications for selective living group housing. We anticipate that this moratorium will be in place until Fall 2019 at the earliest.

Responsibilities of Selective Living Groups to HRL

  • Provide contact information for housing liaison, house president, and president. Updates should be communicated to Housing Assignments when they occur. (Please note: Housing Assignments communicates with SLG leaders throughout the calendar year, including summers.)
  • Communicate with members regularly regarding issues that may require adjustments to housing assignments such as: study away, leave of absence, changes in membership numbers, medical needs, or other situations that affect group housing.
  • Adhere to deadlines established by Housing Assignments for all assignment processes.
  • Work with Housing Assignments to plan group housing assignments for each semester.
  • Work with membership to resolve assignments related issues as they occur.
  • Direct any questions or concerns to Housing Assignments.

Responsibilities of HRL to Selective Living Groups

  • Keep housing liaison, house president and/or president informed of housing related matters. Email will be the primary form of communication.
  • Refer members’ assignments concerns back to the group via the housing liaison.
  • Seek feedback from group via housing liaison regarding solutions to situations as they occur.
  • Provide assignment process information to housing liaison, house president, and/or president in a timely manner.

Selective Living Group Housing Expectations

SLGs are strongly advised to fill all bed spaces for fall and spring semesters. If a SLG has vacancies, the group is expected to consolidate assignments to insure that any vacancies are available for non-SLG students. This may include single rooms or completely empty double rooms.

Standards for Fall Semester

  • 10% vacancy
  • SLG will be placed on warning if over 10% of the bed spaces are vacant.
  • SLG will be placed on probation if a second, consecutive warning occurs.
  • Percentage will be rounded down to determine precise numbers of beds. For example, if 10% of the house is 3.8 beds, more than 3 vacancies would result in a warning. The same principle applies for probation.
  • Housing Assignments may choose to assign vacant rooms/apartments to non-SLG students if needed to meet housing demands. This does count towards the group's occupancy requirement.

20% vacancy

  • SLG will be placed on probation if over 20% of the beds are vacant.
  • Being placed on probation for any two of three academic years will result in the loss of the house. For example, a group can be on probation for the fall and spring semester in one academic year, but won’t lose their house unless they are on probation during any semester in the subsequent two academic years.

Standards for Spring Semester

  • 100% occupancy
  • SLG will be placed on probation if all beds are not assigned for the spring semester.
  • If this is the group’s second consecutive probation, the group will lose their house for the upcoming year.
  • Housing Assignments may choose to assign vacant rooms/apartments to non-SLG students if needed to meet housing demands.

Class Distribution Requirements
Having a healthy mix of sophomores, juniors, and seniors living in the house is part of the house design. The class distribution targets are 50% sophomores, 30% juniors, and 20% seniors. SLGs will not be penalized if the percentage of sophomores is below 50%. With the priority of Right of Return, it is possible for the percentage of juniors and seniors to go above 50%.

30/10 Standard
SLGs will remain in good standing if it meets both of elements of the following standard (referred to as the 30/10 standard) during both the fall and spring semesters of an academic year.

  • Seniors occupy 10% of the house.
  • The combined percentage of the house occupied by juniors and seniors is at least 30%.

Consequence for not meeting the 30/10 standard

  • SLGs that fail to completely meet the 30/10 standard will forfeit their House Council funds for the semester in question. 
  • House Council funds forfeited in this manner will be distributed to the independent houses and SLGs in good standing in terms of the 30/10 standard.  

20/Exec Standard
SLGs can avoid further consequences provided it meets the following conditions (referred to as the 20/Exec Standard): 

  • Juniors and seniors (in any combination) occupy at least 20% of the house.
  • SLGs must have three of the following six executive members living in section: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Recruitment Chair, Social Chair and/or Risk-Manager. If these Executive members are upperclassmen, they will count towards the 20% upperclassmen requirement.

Consequence for not meeting the 20/Exec standard:

  • SLGs that do not meet the 20/Exec Standard during both the fall and spring semesters of an academic year will be issued a warning.
  • SLGs that do not meet the 20/Exec Standard for a second consecutive academic year will be placed on probation.
  • If placed on probation, the SLG must meet the 20/Exec standard for the next two academic years to end the probationary status.  If the SLG does not meet the 20/Exec standard for the next two academic years, the group will lose their house.
  • Note: Percentages will be rounded down. For example, if 10% of the house is 3.8 beds, having three seniors live in the house will meet the standard. Same principle will be applied to the 30% standard for juniors and seniors living in the house and the 20% standard.

Right of Return (ROR)
All SLG members currently living in section have right of return to the house for the next academic year. Members lose right of return if the following occurs:

  • Member participates in a fall study away program
  • Student loses status as a member of the group
  • More than 35% of the group’s rising seniors want to exercise right of return.

The SLG can cap the percentage of rising seniors in the house at 35% and determine which rising seniors will be assigned to those spaces.

Friend of House (FOH)
A Friend of House is a student, not a member of the SLG, who has been invited to live in section to help the group reach the residency requirement. Any FOH currently living in an SLG section does not have right of return to the SLG for next year unless he/she joins the SLG or is asked to be a FOH again. A FOH not returning to the SLG section for the upcoming year does not have ROR and should participate in the independent House and Room Selection Process.

Non-SLG Students Assigned to House by Housing Assignments
At times it is necessary to assign non-SLG students to SLG houses due to space demand and the inability of some SLGs to fill their house. These students do not have right of return to the SLG house. They will be given right of return to their prior independent house if applicable.

2018-2019 SLG Assignments Timeline
January 1 – Room selection website goes live for House and Room Selection.
January 23, 24, 29, 31 – Housing information sessions.
February 2 - Deadline to submit new or changed special medical housing need requests to Student Disability Access Office (SDAO).
February 7, 8, 9 - Application window for students is open.
February 12 - Selective Living Group (SLG) membership lists due.
February 15, 16 - Application make-up day for all students.
March 5 – SLG assignment plan due to Housing Assignments.
March 12 - 16 - Spring Break
April 13 – All students, including SLG members, confirm fall housing assignments and select dining plans.