Housing & Residence Life

First-Year Residential Experience


Students, faculty, and staff have developed a variety of activities to provide first year students opportunities for great social and intellectual experiences on and off campus. Explore these events with friends, meet new people, and join faculty on trips both local and regional.

Arts to Go
The Triangle Region attracts Broadway performances, world-class musicians, and other fantastic artistic displays. The Arts to Go program was established to give first year students the opportunity to enjoy these performances with their classmates for free or greatly reduced cost. Many events take place at the DPAC and feature broadway shows, the NC Symphony, and NC Museum of Art. Look for announcements throughout the year for events!

Devils After Dark
The Devils After Dark program provides safe and fun social opportunities for first-year students on the weekends. Every Friday and Saturday night you can expect to find something exciting. Events include themed nights, buses to area malls, performances (acapella, magicians, hypnotists), recreational activities (laser tag, ice skating), and plenty of free food. The Devils After Dark events are posted in each residence hall lobby and also included in the weekly events email.  Students can also sign up for the Devils After Dark Facebook group. A representative from each house sits on the Late Night Programming Committee that helps choose events and facilitate the planning process. As part of the Devils After Dark program, the House Councils from each residence hall choose one night each semester to sponsor and plan a Devils After Dark event.

East Campus Council (ECC)
Each residence hall elects representatives to serve as their house government, the House Council.  House Councils plan events for the house, make decisions about using house funding, and serve as an advocacy group to give voice to first year student issues.  Elections for House Council representatives take place in early fall semester.

East Campus Council is a network of representatives from each house and has the mission of building community within the first year class. This is accomplished through facilitating campus-wide events and acting as a liaison between the class leadership and the house community.  East Campus Council also serves as the Class Council for each first year class.

Traditional events organized for the first year class:

  • Midnight Breakfast (fall and spring)
  • Night with the Hypnotist
  • Spring Carnival
  • Community Service event


Air-Conditioning: All residence halls on East Campus are air-conditioned. Rooms will be centrally air-conditioned or have an air-conditioning unit.

Cable/Phone: Landlines for phone and cable are no longer available in individual student rooms. Signal boosters have been installed in all the buildings to ensure stronger signals. Large screen TVs and cable access are available in each building's commons rooms.

Ethernet / Wifi: DukeNet (the campus computer network) is available via wireless signal and hard wired ports in each room.

Flooring: Alspaugh, Pegram, Brown, Bassett, East, Epworth, Giles, Wilson, and Jarvis maintain their original wooden floors (a few individual rooms in these buildings may be carpeted). Blackwell, Randolph, Bell Tower, and Southgate are carpeted. GA floors are covered in a vinyl plank tile. If you intend to purchase a large rug for your room, it is advisable to wait until you get to campus to measure the actual floor space before making your purchase. Some of the rooms have interesting architecture including hallways, doorways, and kneewalls, which may alter the shape of the floor space.


  • Chest of drawers (Dresser): Each student also has a chest of drawers with either 3 or 5 wide, deep drawers. In some buildings the chest of drawers fits neatly under the bed or depending on the configuration of the room, the chest of drawers can be placed in the closet.
  • Desk, bookshelves, and desk chairs: Rooms are equipped with one desk and chair per student. The style of the desk may vary between buildings but the desks are approximately 42 inches wide and 24 inches deep. In some buildings, the desk is slightly smaller and comes with a separate cabinet unit that can be used as an extension of the desk or can function as a night table. Desk chairs are two position chairs with cushioned bases and backs. The fabric color varies by building.
  • Mattress and bed frame: Mattresses are extra long (XL) twin. The actual dimensions are approximately 80 inches long x 36 inches wide x 7 inches deep. Bed frames are able to be lofted if requested after moving into the room.  Bed frames are adjustable so that the mattress can be raised and lowered to allow the dressers and bookshelves to fit beneath. Be sure to check out the loft policy.

Room size: First-year students are assigned to single (one person), double (two people), and triple (three people) rooms.  Most students will be assigned to doubles but you will be able to indicate your preference for a single or triple.

Single-Gender or Co-Ed Floors: All residence halls on East Campus house both men and women; all buildings are coed. Most floors are co-ed by wing (one end of the hallway is female, the other end is male). Several of our halls have single-gender floors. All bathrooms are designated by gender with the exception of guest bathrooms on the first floor.

Current single-gender floors:
Male - Bassett 1, 2,  Jarvis 1, Pegram 1, Southgate 2
Female - Alspaugh 3, Bassett 3, East 1, Jarvis 3, Southgate 3

Community Spaces

Common bathrooms: All buildings except Wilson have shared, community bathrooms. Bathrooms are designated by gender. Later in the year students vote to determine if access to the bathroom is by room key or if the bathroom is left unlocked. The number of showers, sinks, and toilets per bathroom varies based on the number of residents who share the bathroom. Wilson House is suite-style, so several rooms of students share a smaller bathroom.

Commons rooms: All buildings have at least one main commons room which serves as a gathering place for the house to watch TV, study, and socialize. Most commons rooms are outfitted with game tables, a large screen TV, air conditioning, and wireless internet access. Some buildings also have multiple quiet study rooms scattered throughout the building.

Community kitchen: Each house has at least one kitchen available for resident use. Kitchens are equipped with standard appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, and microwaves. Additionally, many of the House Councils opt to purchase cooking supplies such as pots and pans that are made available for resident use.

Laundry rooms: Washers and dryers are available in every residence halls. These machines operate with coins and by use of Flex points on your DukeCard.

Residential Services

Cleaning supplies: Vacuum cleaners, buckets, and cleaning solutions are available for student use in the "cleaning closets" in each house. The cleaning closets are labeled and are unlocked with each student's bedroom key.

Housekeeping: A housekeeping team services the common areas of each residence hall on weekdays. Services include sanitizing bathrooms, vacuuming commons rooms and study rooms, and removing trash and recyclables from the buildings. Limited housekeeping services are provided on Saturdays and no service is provided on Sundays and some holidays. Duke University does not clean individual bedrooms during the academic year. Students are expected to keep their rooms orderly and clean. Cleaning suite bathrooms in Wilson is the responsibility of the residents of the suite.

Mail: Managed through the Duke Post Office, all first year students are assigned a West Campus Post Office Box in the Bryan Center. All mail delivered by the US Postal Service should be addressed to this box number. Parcels shipped through other carriers (UPS, Fed Ex, etc.) should be addressed directly to you at your assigned residence hall. Delivery staffs for many of the major carriers have been vetted and given card access to the residence halls. These delivery persons are able to deliver packages directly to your room.

1st Class Mail (USPS):
Student’s Full Name
Room # and Building
Street Address
Student’s PO Box #
Durham, NC 27708-Last 4 Digits of PO Box #

Private Carrier Packages:
Student’s Full Name
Room # and Building
Street Address
Student’s PO Box #
Durham, NC 27708

Parking: On-campus parking is limited and parking permits must be purchased though Parking and Transportation Services. Please contact the parking office at 919-684-7275 for additional information.