Housing & Residence Life

East Campus Living Learning Communities

Duke University offers numerous opportunities for interested students to partake in intentionally designed Living Learning Communities (LLCs) that incorporate the residential component of the college experience along with other academic and social pursuits. While membership in these groups may be limited, activities offered are often open to the general student population. Several communities are specifically designed for first-year students (FY) while others are for upperclassman students. Living in our communities affords you many wonderful opportunities and we hope you will take advantage of them. As a member of a learning community you agree to and support the community standards, which are in place to protect the rights of all community members.

Substance Free Community
The Substance Free Community was created to support students interested in living in a substance-free environment. Additionally, students in Substance Free have the opportunity to participate in experiences to develop habits that support lifelong health and well-being. The community also features extended quiet hours to promote academic study. Substance Free differs from other first-year communities because residents sign a contract pledging to refrain from the use of alcohol, being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco, and the abuse of prescription medications. Students who do not honor the contract will be relocated to a different community. 

Substance Free Agreement 19-20

On your housing application, if you wish to live in the Substance Free Community, select "Yes". If you do not want to live in the Substance Free, select "No".

Performing Arts Community
The Performing Arts Community at Duke University is a place for first-year students with a shared interest in music, dramatic performance and artistic expression. The community offers students the opportunity to attend performance events, perform or display artwork, and participate in performance-related community service activities.

On your housing application, if you wish to live in the Performing Arts Community, select "Yes". If you do not want to live in the Arts Community, select "No".

The Focus Program
The Focus Program offers students an engaged, close-knit social and academic community that encourages the building of friendships. The community provides late night discussions, intellectual explorations, and academic assistance from friends and scholars. Students in the Focus Program will live in a cluster in the same residence hall during their first semester. Students participating in the program during the spring semesters will not live with their cluster, but will keep their assigned residence for the year. First-year students should complete a housing request form that identifies specific housing preferences, including roommate requests. More information about The Focus Program can be found on their website.