Housing & Residence Life

Graduate Resident (GR)

Graduate Resident Position Information

The Graduate Resident (GR) is a key student leadership role within Housing and Residence Life (HRL). GRs serve as mentors, advisors, and resource agents for the Resident Assistants and residents within the residential community. GRs report directly to a Residence Coordinator. GRs primarily are responsible for encouraging a positive living environment for residents. They accomplish this goal by supervising and mentoring Resident Assistant teams and advising House Councils. As student leaders responsible for helping shape and maintain positive residential communities, GRs are role models for the residential communities. Please review the below position description thoroughly as you consider your candidacy for the position.

Graduate Resident Position Description

If you have questions about the application, the interview/selection process, or about Housing and Residence Life in general, please contact Res Life Selections at rlselections@duke.edu or Dean Deb, Associate Dean at dab@duke.edu.

Application Information

January 9: Application deadline for current Duke Resident Assistants interested in the GR role

January 18: Internal GR Candidate Interviews

January 24: Internal GR Candidate selection


January 28: Application Deadline for Priority Consideration (Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.)

February 2: GR Candidate Interviews

February 14: GR Candidate Selection (also ongoing)

Application Components

Application Component 1 (1 Page Cover Letter of Interest)

Based on the responsibilities outlined in the 2019-2020 GR position description, please describe your interest in and why you believe you would be successful in the GR role.

Application Component 2 (Resume)

Please attach your most current resume.

Application Component 3 (Reference Information)

Please provide information for two references, including Name, Position Title, Email Address, and Contact Number. Your references should be anyone that can speak to your overall potential in the GR role. They should have knowledge of the leadership experience(s) you've had that would be relevant, including but not limited: ability to develop community, approachability, communication; cultural competency; administrative skills; dependability; and areas of strengths and improvement. Please do not list a family member.

Please combine all components of the application and send to RLSelections@duke.edu