International House (IHouse)

IHouse Programs

International House offers diverse cross-cultural programs to help students, scholars, and Duke community members from all over the world learn from each other and become open-minded global citizens.

Connect. Learn. Grow. (CLG Series) Workshop Series

Connect. Learn. Grow. (CLG) Workshop Series provides richer and deeper level of information and advice beyond our regular orientation. Often times international students and scholars are overwhelmed by so much information they get during orientation period, and many pieces of valuable information may get lost. IHouse offers international students and scholars further opportunities to learn how to navigate their life at Duke and in Durham.

If you need more information about a specific CLG topic, please keep an eye on the IHouse announcements on our Facebook Page ( If you have ideas for new topics, please let us know. Contact IHouse at for more information.

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Duke Language Partners

The Duke Language Partners program matches non-native speakers with native speakers of various languages for weekly conversation exchange. You can meet with your language partner anytime depending on your schedules, but we recommend you to meet at least once a week. Through the program, you can practice a foreign language, learn about another culture and gain language-tutoring experience as well. Please email for more information.

Apply to be a Duke Language Partner.

Duke Language Partners Brochure.

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English Conversation Club

Each Monday from 5:15 to 6:15pm, International House provides a casual, small-group setting where all members of the Duke community--students, scholars, spouses, and staff--can practice conversational English.

Topics include American culture, social systems, and issues related to daily life. Come and you will have chances to share your experience in the U.S. with others while practicing conversational English with the help of Duke staff volunteers. Through discussions in small groups, you will also learn about other cultures from various countries.

For 2019 Spring semester, the club meetings will be held from Monday, January 28th until Monday, April 22nd. No registration is required. Just come to International House, 300 Alexander Ave. Enter the programming area through the back door of the house at the parking lot level.

Please email for more information.

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Spanish Conversation Club

Are you interested in speaking the second-most spoken and studied language in the United States?  Practice your conversation Spanish and meet people from around the world, including native Spanish speakers. Our conversations are informal and interesting. 

Every Monday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm at International House. For more information, contact Luis Vergara.  For 2019 Spring semester, the club meetings will be held from Monday, January 28th until Monday, April 22nd. No registration is required. Just come to International House, 300 Alexander Ave. Enter the programming area through the back door of the house at the parking lot level.

Check out Spanish Conversation Club Facebook page.

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Chinese Conversation Club

Are you learning Chinese? Do you want to practice the language and learn more about the Chinese culture? Come and join our Chinese Conversation Club held in the Broadhead Center, room 248 on Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 from September 11 until December 4.

We recommend that you have basic knowledge of the Chinese language (equivalent to Chinese 200) so that you can enjoy conversation in Chinese.

Questions? Email for more information.

Duke Chinese Conversation Club Facebook Page!

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International Friends Program

The International Friends Program is a cross-cultural program run by Duke’s International House. The goal of this special program is to promote friendship and culture exchange between local Duke community members and Duke’s International students, scholars and families. Local Duke community members may wish to learn more about another country, reconnect with a country in which they have lived or traveled, or assist someone settling into life in the Durham area. 

Either way it’s a wonderful way to meet people from around the world, share interests and hobbies, and learn about other customs and cultural values.

Participants DO NOT live together, rather, they spend time together for friendship and cultural exchange. The assignment to one’s match is for one academic year. However, many participants maintain contact long after the formal program period has ended.

· Plan to meet with your match monthly.

· Share your culture with each other: customs, holidays, cuisine, family values and other opportunities for cross-cultural learning!!!


·Watch a Durham Bulls Game

·Cook a traditional meal

·Attend one of the Triangle’s many festivals

·Stroll on 9th street and chat over a cup of coffee

· Visit a local museum or historic site

International Friends Program Application

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Global Cafe


Global Café is a weekly social event with the intent to build community between students, employees, post-docs, scholars and families. In an effort to reach an even broader community, this year, we have come up with Global Café on the Road. We have teamed up with several departmentsVarious Fridays throughout fall semester, the International House will be co-hosting Global Café at different venues Duke Chapel basement, Engineering and Rubenstein Arts Center, as well as, in the International House on Alexander Avenue.

For questions, please email us at: or call 919-684-3585

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Meet Your World At Duke Series

We have the opportunity to learn about people and cultures from all over the world since we have international students, scholars, and spouses from over 107 countries here at Duke.

This series runs every Spring!

In this series of presentations, international spouses will share their culture, religious customs, cuisine, arts, and history with you.  We will attempt to represent diverse cultures through different speakers each month.

Questions: or 919.684.3585.

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Writing Our Lives: Finding Ourselves Over and Over Again is a full-day retreat for female-identifying undergraduate students from different backgrounds and cultures to build a community of sisterhood through self-reflection and sharing.

This retreat is centered on the belief that when creative beings leave behind the distractions of their busy lives to gather in an encouraging community, we are able to make important breakthroughs in our writing and other creative processes. Jaki Shelton Green, North Carolina Poet Laureate and instructor of Documentary Poetry at the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies will facilitate a fun and engaging day of writing exercises, community building, sharing, and inspiration.

Whether you are lost, searching, or just in need of nurturing your creativity with other women, this retreat will provide a safe, non-judgmental space where you you can take risks steeped in the wisdom of poetry and story. Come join us in the spirit of compassionate listening! Boost your spirit and confidence! Renew your curiosity and appreciation for the power of creativity!

This program is offered by International House in collaboration with the Women's Center with the financial support of Penny Pilgram George Women's Leadership Initiative.

Date of the Event: Saturday, November 10, 2018

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Student Wellness Center 148/149

Registration limited to 15 female-identifying students

Registration Link: 


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Global Engagement Program


Engaging with international students and helping them acclimate to American culture is a great asset for domestic students€™ professional and leadership development. Expanding your knowledge about other cultures and navigating how to socialize and work with people of different cultural backgrounds is a valuable learning experience, especially in an increasingly globalized job market. 

International House, in collaboration with the Career Center, has developed the Global Engagement Program to provide domestic students with beneficial interactions with international students and scholars at Duke, and to prepare them to be true global citizens who make positive impacts around them. 

In the Global Engagement Program, selected students will be involved in International House educational activities for a semester and receive training on cross-cultural awareness and communication, as well as career and leadership development. Upon successful completion of the program, students will get a certificate that is officially endorsed by International House and the Career Center, which can be used to strengthen their resume. 

Participation in Other IHouse Programs:
Students will commit to a three-hour per week participation for a semester from among the options below:

  • Duke Language Partner Program (1 hour/week): Help your language partner to learn English or other native language you might be able to offer. You can schedule with your language partner when to meet.
  • Conversation Club (Mondays 5:15-6:15 pm): Facilitate the club and lead small group discussions on American culture and social system. You can also learn about many aspects of other cultures through this conversation club.  
  • Spanish Conversation Hour (Mondays 6:30-7:30 pm): Learn Spanish language with a native speaker, or help other participants learn Spanish if it is your native language.
  • Chinese Conversation Club (Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 pm): Practice Chinese and learn about the culture, or help other participants learn Chinese if it is your native language.
  • Global Cafe (Fridays 9:30-10:30 am): Join us for good coffee, pastry and casual conversations with people from all over the world. 
  • Give a presentation on American Culture at Connect.Learn.Grow workshop series for internationals at Duke.

** Spanish/Chinese language club participation requires basic knowledge of the language equivalent of class 200 level.

Training Component:
There will be three training sessions offered in Global Engagement Program (GEP). 

  • Global Awareness Training: Participants will have an opportunity to assess their intercultural competency. After the training, they will keep a journal reflecting on their experience with people from other cultures, which will be reviewed in the last training session.
  • Career and Leadership Development with Global Perspectives. There will be a career counseling and leadership development session tailored for the GEP participants.
  • Global Engagement Action Plan: Participants will reflect on and share their experiences. They will identify their strengths and weaknesses, and make an action plan to be more open engaging global professionals.

Upon successful completion of GEP, participants will receive an official recognition for their work with a certificate endorsed by both International House and the Career Center.

How to Apply & Selection Timeline:
Please submit your resume and a letter of interest to The application deadline is Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

Expected Outcomes
Through this program, domestic students will be able to:

  • Deepen their leadership and global social skills by interacting with people from various countries and helping them understand American culture and social structures for a sustained period time.
  • Increase their knowledge of other cultures and social organizations, preferably including other languages as well. 
  • Understand and adopt pluralism in their life - recognizing different perspectives arising from various cultural backgrounds, which can be especially valuable when applied to their future professional and personal relationships. 
  • Demonstrate their ability to abide by strong work ethics through the GEP required commitment of at least one semester with a three-hour per week schedule. 
  • Strengthen their resume with a strong service and civic/global engagement component, demonstrated by the GEP Certificate. 

This program is for you if you:

  • Are open-minded to other cultures and willing to learn from interacting with international students and scholars
  • Would like to expand your career options with global perspectives and exposure to cross-cultural experiences 
  • Want to prepare yourself before going abroad through DukeEngage or Study Abroad programs 
  • Want to continue your global experience and keep the foreign language skills you have obtained abroad 
  • Enjoy cultural diversity and are seeking opportunities for global engagement within Duke and Durham

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International Education Week

International Education Week (November 13-17, 2017) is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to promote programs that prepare students for the global environment as well as attract students and scholars from around the world to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the United States.

Duke will host a variety of events to celebrate International Education Week. Detailed information about these events will be announced.

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International House Orientation Peer (IHOP)


IHOP Program

IHOP stands for International House Orientation Peer. IHOPS are upper-class international and domestic students who assist IHouse staff with the planning and implementation of the International Orientation. While IHOPS obtain and practice valuable skills, they also get to have lots of fun with their younger peers and set an exemplary model for them as strong leaders, thoughtful communicators, and reliable individuals.


IHOP Program’s mission is to build a community of domestic and international student leaders with a global perspective and an interest in developing their leadership and cross-cultural communication skills in a multicultural environment. Through six intensive training sessions in the Spring semester, IHOPs will be prepared to lead a group of approximately 25 new international students assigned to them, facilitate meaningful discussions and friendship, communicate effectively with students and their parents from different backgrounds, and offer excellent guidance and peer mentorship.

Purpose of the IHOP Program

  1. Build a community of domestic and international students in a multicultural setting.
  2. Welcome new international students and support them to acclimate to Duke before, during, and after the International Orientation.  
  3. Develop exemplary leadership and cross-cultural cultural communication skills among volunteering peer leaders through extensive IHOP training and team building.
  4. Understand the wide range of diverse backgrounds in the Duke student populations and advocate for the needs of international students.

IHOP Roles and Responsibilities of IHOPs

  1. Welcome new international students and support them to acclimate to Duke before, during, and after the International Orientation. 
  2. Welcome students and families when they arrive at the East Campus check-in station to move in – assist with moving in physically.
  3. Build an inclusive community of both domestic and international students in a comfortable, fun, and engaging environment.
  4. Embrace the core values of International House and understand the objectives of the International Orientation through IHOP training.
  5. Assist with the planning of the International Orientation schedule and activities: Design icebreakers, suggest speakers and panelists, identify frequently asked freshmen questions for panels/ IHOP Group discussions and give feedback to draft schedule(s).
  6. Provide pre-orientation assistance to IHOPlets in the summer via email. Maintain contact with assigned IHOPlets and respond to their emails with accurate information and enthusiasm.
  7. Assist International House staff with early move-in: Check in students who have been approved for early move-in, speak with parents and family members to answer their questions, assist students while they look for their dorms and carry their luggages.
  8. Participate in the pre-orientation programs and socialize with the IHOPlets.
  9. Be in charge of East and West Campus tours for IHOPlets and their family members as part of pre-orientation programs.
  10. Ensure that the orientation runs smoothly through effective communication and collaboration with other IHOPs, your own group, and IHouse staff.
  11. Facilitate engaging group discussions and lead activities during the orientation.
  12. Assist IHouse Staff with International Orientation duties, such as registration, set-up, and clean-up.
  13. Communicate with IHouse staff and IHOP co-chairs in a timely manner.
  14. Show genuine interest in the questions and concerns of the IHOPlets.
  15. Be prepared to resolve issues throughout the orientation by taking ownership.


  1. Attend the pre-scheduled IHOP trainings in the Spring and in the Summer. See the scheduled dates below.
  2. Be available to move in early on August 13, Tuesday to attend pre-orientation activities and final training sessions before the orientation begins on August 18, Sunday.
  3. Be available for the summer training sessions will be held on August 14, Wednesday and August 15, Thursday.
  4. Big Move-in Day for early arrivals is August 16, Friday. Be available to assist with the early move-in day.

Students are NOT eligible to serve as an IHOP if you: 

  • Are participating in the FAC program
  • Will be a Resident Assistant for Fall 2019
  • Will Study Away during Spring or Fall 2019
  • Will intern or participate in a Study Away/DukeEngage program during Summer and you will NOT be able to move back to campus on Tuesday, August 13
  • You have to miss the Spring 2019 Training Sessions on Wednesday nights, 6:00 - 8:00pm

APPLY to become an IHOP:

Please contact with questions.

IHOP Co-Chairs

They are often returning, experienced IHOPs who provide leadership for the International Orientation at the student level before and during the orientation. They ensure that unity, respect, comfort, and honesty are built among all IHOPs. In case there is not a returning IHOP that would like to take on the co-chair responsibility, two new students will be appointed based on their interest during their interviews.


  1. Serve as liaison between IHouse staff and IHOP team.
  2. Assist IHouse staff with the recruitment and training of new IHOPs.
  3. Provide feedback about International Orientation schedule during the spring semester.
  4. Assist with the IHOP training (facilitate discussions)/orientation preparation in the spring and the summer, if necessary.
  5. Support IHouse staff member with the pre-orientation events by arriving early to help set-up and checking in students.
  6. Provide leadership, direction, and motivation to the IHOP team during International Orientation.
  7. Serve as the MC during International Orientation.

FAQ for the IHOP Program

  1. Do I have to be an international student to apply for the IHOP Program?

No. The IHOP Program welcomes ALL students from a wide range of backgrounds who are enthusiastic about welcoming and mentoring incoming international students and guiding them by sharing their own academic, social, and cultural experiences at Duke and in Durham, NC.

  1. Do I have to attend all IHOP training sessions?

Yes. Attending the IHOP Training sessions is mandatory. You are allowed to miss ONE session. You are expected to communicate your absence to Esra Uzun Mason or the IHOP co-leaders as soon as possible.

IHOP Training sessions are a big part of building a community of IHOPs and setting values. Each training session is created not only to help IHOPs connect and get to know each other, but also to be a big part of the international orientation planning. We advise that you check your schedule to make sure you do not have any other commitments on Wednesdays from 6:00 to 8:00pm. The sessions will not be scheduled every week.

2018 – 2019 IHOP Training Dates

January 16, Wednesday, 6:00 - 8:00pm
January 30, Wednesday, 6:00 - 8:00pm
February 13, Wednesday, 6:00 - 8:00pm
February 27, Wednesday, 6:00 - 8:00pm
March 20, Wednesday, 6:00 - 8:00pm
April 10, Wednesday, 6:00 - 8:00pm

In addition, you will be required to return to campus on August 13, Tuesday and attend these events:

IHOP Early Move-in Date:  August 13, Tuesday
IHOP Training Date in the Summer:  August 14, Wednesday (10:00am – 2:00pm – Orientation Prep), August 15, Thursday (10:00am – 2:00pm – Early Move-in and Campus Tour roles)

IHOPlet Big Move-in Date: August 16, Friday
Pre-Orientation Events (Campus Tours and Meals): August 16, Friday and August 17, Saturday

International Undergrad Orientation Dates: August 17, Saturday, August 18, Sunday and August 19, Monday.

APPLY to become an IHOP:

Please contact with questions.

Graduate International House Orientation Peer (GRAD IHOP)


The Graduate IHOP (International House Orientation Peers) is a volunteer program coordinated by International House. This is an opportunity to help new graduate and professional international students get adjusted to life at Duke!

If you would like to enhance your leadership skills, cross-cultural communication skills, administrative skills, and want to share your experience being a grad/professional student studying at Duke with new students, then becoming a Grad IHOP is for you!


You must be a graduate or professional student
You must have studied at Duke for at least 1 semester
You must be available to attend two mandatory training sessions (1 session will be in April and the other will be in August). 
You must be available on Monday, August 12th and Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

What We are Looking For In Our Grad IHOPs

  • We are looking for students who are friendly
  • Who wants to share information about learning at Duke and living in Durham
  • Students who want to work with students from different countries and backgrounds.
  • Students who are comfortable doing many different types of assignments such as presentations, assisting with orientation lunch, organizing and carrying boxes in preparation for the Resource Fair and Orientation, tabling at the Resource Fair, and other tasks as needed.
  • Most importantly we are looking for students who are excited to help their new classmates!

For questions, please email

To submit an application, please visit this link:, you must apply by January 15th!