International House (IHouse)

English Conversation Club


Each Monday from 5:15 to 6:15pm, International House provides a casual, small-group setting where all members of the Duke community--students, scholars, spouses, and staff--can practice conversational English.

Topics include American culture, social systems, and issues related to daily life. Come and you will have chances to share your experience in the U.S. with others. Through discussions in small groups, you will also learn about other cultures from various countries.

Continued attendance is not necessary but recommended.

For 2016 Fall semester, the club meetings will be held from Monday, September 12 until Monday, December 5. No registration is required. Just come to International House, 300 Alexander Ave. on C2 bus route and come to the programming area through the backdoor of the house.

Please email or call 919-684-3585 for more information.