International House (IHouse)

International Education Week

media:document:2b28eae1-68cb-489d-be5f-d8fa898c7a0f International Education Week (November 17-21, 2014) is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to promote programs that prepare students for the global environment as well as attract students and scholars from around the world to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the United States.

Duke will host a variety of events to celebrate International Education Week:

Choose your team of 4 and compete against other Duke students, staff, and faculty in a game of global trivia. Prizes will be awarded to the top teams, sponsored by Duke University Stores.

Must register your team by November 14:

  • International Movie Night screening of Crossing Borders-Thursday, November 20
    7:00pm at the International House


Crossing Borders is a 70-minute documentary that follows four Moroccan and four American university students as they travel together through Morocco and, in the process of discovering "The Other," discover themselves. With group travels and frank discussions, the students confront the complex implications of the supposed "clash of civilizations" between Islam and the West. The relationships formed through shared experiences contrast sharply with the media-shaped views Americans and Muslims have of each other. Humor, honesty and a willingness to be challenged all bring individuals closer to each other and the relationships that develop disarm hidden stereotypes.

International Movie Night is hosted by International House and the Libraries.

  • Global Café-Friday, November 21, 9:30am at International House

Join the Duke community for coffee from around the world and delicious pastries.