International House (IHouse)

Int'l Undergraduate Students


We are excited you have chosen Duke as your home for the next 4 years. The staff at the International House welcome you and are eager to meet you! Our goal is to assist you during this transition in your life and be your home away from home. We hope your experience at Duke is a memorable time for you to connect with others, learn, and grow.

a. Summer Transition Series
The Duke Summer Transition Series is designed to assist in the pre-matriculation of new undergraduate students, parents, and families to Duke University.  The Summer Transition Series is an opportunity for undergraduate international students to interact virtually with members of the Duke community. You have the opportunity to meet representatives from several different offices including International House, Visa Services, and Student Health.

The Summer Transition Series will help our newest class:

  • INTERACT: Meet influential members of the Duke community.
  • COMMUNICATE: Talk directly with "experts" regarding topics that interest YOU.
  • CONNECT:  Watch all sessions conveniently online-it's as easy as checking your email!

For more information, please check out the New Student Programs' website.

b. Important Information for Arrival

How to get to Duke University from Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU):

  • Make an online reservation prior to arrival with Sky Shuttle
  • Take a taxi

How to get to East Campus Check-In Location for First-Year Students from Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU):

  • From RDU, get on I-40 W from Airport Blvd.
  • Merge onto NC-147 N.
  • Take Exit #14 for Swift Ave. toward U.S. 70N/9th Street/Duke University/East Campus.
  • Turn right onto Swift Ave.
  • Go over railroad tracks and turn right onto W. Main Street. 
  • Take a left on Southgate Circle

"Forever Duke" Virtual Send-off Party

The Duke Class of 2025 is set.

Please join us in welcoming our incoming undergraduates and their parents to the Duke family. This Send-off Party provides the chance for the Class of 2025 and their families to meet and mingle with fellow classmates, current students, and parents, all in a fun and informal setting. Although we are not having our traditional in-person parties this year, we're excited to provide an opportunity for the incoming students and their parents to connect with Duke and each other from home!

We're looking forward to meeting you!


Thursday, July 29, 2021

Two opportunities available:
8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Eastern Time
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Eastern Time


Virtual via Zoom - 

Learn more/register:

Event Contact

Duke Alumni

Please join us in welcoming our incoming undergraduates and their parents to the Duke family. We're excited to extend an opportunity for the Class of 2025 and their families to meet and mingle with fellow classmates, current students, and other parents. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with your Duke community! Learn more/register:

UPDATED June 17, 2021

2021 International Undergraduate Student Orientation  

Welcome, Class of 2025 International and Visiting International Students!

The International House staff is very excited to welcome you to Duke University and to the International Undergraduate Student Orientation.

We hope Duke and International House will be a place for you to connect, learn, and grow.

The International Undergraduate Student Orientation is an opportunity for you to:

  • Be welcomed and supported by the IHOP team and International House staff
  • Befriend other first-year international students and visiting international students
  • Build a sense of community among all the new international students
  • Become familiar with the Duke campus and the resources available here

For many international students, the International Undergraduate Student Orientation serves a key role in acclimating them to the U.S. and Duke culture as well as a way of developing deep friendships with other students.

Due to our efforts to avoid the spread of COVID-19, the format of the International Undergraduate Student Orientation will be virtual again this year.  However, we are planning several in-person events run by IHOPs to familiarize you with Duke, Durham, other first-year students and our fabulous IHOPs. What is this going to look like?

Here is what we have planned so far – as always more details will be coming soon.

Mid-June – July, 2021

    • IHOPs will reach out by email with a warm welcome, social media platforms to join, and an overview of orientation events.
    • First of two required virtual meeting with your IHOP
    • Week of virtual events to help you prepare for coming to Duke, including:
      • Items you don’t want to forget to bring with you to Duke
      • What’s life really like in the Duke environment
      • Game nights
      • COVID Entry Testing and Vaccine updates
      • Speed-friending (get to know other first-years during this fast-paced conversation starter)

August 2 – 6, 2021

International Undergraduate Student Virtual Orientation

*All students are expected to attend sessions that are noted with an asterisk.


10 am EST

Welcome Ceremony*

Tune in for your warm welcome to the Blue Devil Family! Hear from our keynote speakers, who will share their experiences as international members of the Duke community – as students, staff, faculty, and administration.


  • Esra Uzun Mason, Associate Director, International House
  • Priya Parkash, Class of 2022, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
  • Li-Chen Chin, Assistant Vice President for Intercultural Programs
  • Paige Vinson, Assistant Director, International House


9 pm EST

Traveling to Duke
Not sure what to pack and bring to campus? Worried about flying during a pandemic? IHOPs will be sharing general tips for making a home at Duke and what they wish they had known before making the trip to college.





10 am EST

International House-IHOP Meet & Greet*
Come meet this year’s IHOPs along with staff from the International House! Here, you’ll get to join an IHOP in a breakout room, ask any and all questions you might have, and also get to know other international first-years in a fun Zoom call.



10 pm EST

Preparing for the Fall
What did Duke look like last school year? What are college classes like? What is it like to live in a dorm? Current students are here to answer all your questions about what to expect in your first semester at Duke. Note: we will do our best to answer any questions about COVID-19 restrictions, but the campus situation is always evolving and subject to change.





10 am EST

Duke Visa Services (DVS)*
Join the DVS staff for visa updates, how to find your advisor, travel to-dos, and tips for navigating the DVS website.



9 pm EST

Major Explorations

Do you know what you plan to major in? Are you still deciding on your major? Are you curious about Duke’s coursework and other academic experiences? Take this opportunity to meet with IHOPs who are in Pratt and Trinity and can share their experiences with you. Feel free to ask questions about their favorite classes, professors, and any other topics that may be helpful for you.





10 am EST

Global Essentials*

Come join the Women's Center and International House as they share with you a video designed to complement the various educational initiatives you receive during Orientation Week about gender violence. This video features both international and domestic upperclassman students, who share their experiences with the social scene and dating at Duke. An engaging and informative video, it is geared to help international students better understand gender violence, dating, and how they relate to culture in the US.


This session was not recorded. 

9 pm EST

What to do on campus and in Durham?

Welcome to Bull City and Duke! If you would like to familiarize yourself with the campus and Durham, feel free to join us! We will present a brief overview of ways you can get involved on- and off-campus.


Recording Link



10 am EST,

9 pm EST

International Alumni Panel*

Come join international alumni as they chat about their undergraduate experiences at Duke, and how that has led them to where they are now! We’ll start off with a few broad questions, then open it up for questions from the audience.

*Stay tuned for the list of panelists! Two panel sessions will be held: one in morning EST and another in evening EST.


10 am EDT Recording Link:

9 pm EDT Recording Link:

11 pm EST


Do you have any lingering questions? Just want to hang out with IHOPs and other international first-years after a week of orientation sessions? Come join us for the last orientation event!


This session was not recorded. 


August 13 – 15, 2021


  • International students should plan to attend as many of the orientation sessions (August 2 - 6) as possible. To be eligible for early move-in, you are expected to attend the two meetings with your IHOP and five orientation sessions (Welcome Ceremony, IHouse/IHOP Meet & Greet, Duke Visa Services, Global Essentials, Alumni Panel). We understand that not everyone can make sessions due to time zone differences and scheduling; sessions will be recorded and posted when possible.

REGISTRATION FOR EARLY MOVE IN IS OPEN, click here to move in early.

*All program dates are subject to change due to implications of COVID-19. Please continue to check this page and Duke University's Coronavirus Response website for the most current information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Esra Uzun Mason at or Paige Vinson at

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Congratulations on your child's acceptance to Duke University Class of 2025!  The International Parent/Family Orientation is for family members of incoming international undergraduate students, and takes place during the same time as the International Undergraduate Orientation. 

Due to our efforts to avoid the spread of COVID-19, the International Family/ Parents Orientation will likely be held virtually in close collaboration with the Parent and Family Programs. . As we know more about the recent developments and procedures, we will share the updates regarding our program. 

We have designed an orientation for your parent(s) and other family members to:  

  • Become familiar with the International House staff, programs and services 
  • Explore various campus resources and programs that are available to students at Duke 
  • Learn about academic resources and other systems of support for student success 
  • Discuss ways to support students’ well-being as they navigate their first year during COVID-19 remotely or in person 

*All program dates are subject to change due to implications of COVID-19. Please continue to check this page and Duke University's Coronavirus Response website for the most current information.

If you have any questions, please contact or  

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IHOP Program

IHOP stands for International House Orientation Peer. IHOPS are upper-class international and domestic students who assist IHouse staff with the planning and implementation of the International Orientation. While IHOPS obtain and practice valuable skills, they also get to have lots of fun with their younger peers and set an exemplary model for them as strong leaders, thoughtful communicators, and reliable individuals. The IHOP Program involves 6 – 7 training sessions in the Spring semester, summer communication with the incoming international students, August training prior to the International Orientation, and scheduled peer advising on East and/or West campus throughout the first year of the incoming class.


IHOP Program’s mission is to build a community of domestic and international student leaders with a global perspective and an interest in developing their leadership and cross-cultural communication skills in a multicultural environment. Through six intensive training sessions in the Spring semester, IHOPs will be prepared to lead a group of approximately 20 new international students assigned to them, facilitate meaningful discussions and friendship, communicate effectively with students and their parents from different backgrounds, and offer excellent guidance and peer mentorship.

Purpose of the IHOP Program

  1. Build a community of domestic and international students in a multicultural setting.
  2. Welcome new international students and support them to acclimate to Duke before, during, and after the International Orientation. 
  3. Develop exemplary leadership and cross-cultural cultural communication skills among volunteering peer leaders through extensive IHOP training and team building.
  4. Understand the wide range of diverse backgrounds in the Duke student populations and advocate for the needs of international students.

IHOP Roles and Responsibilities of IHOPs

  1. Welcome new international students and support them to acclimate to Duke before, during, and after the International Orientation with enthusiasm.
  2. Assist International House staff with early move-in: Welcome students and families when they arrive at the East Campus check-in station to move in and assist with moving in physically.
  3. Welcome and check in students who have been approved for early move-in with enthusiasm;
  4.  Speak with parents and family members to answer their questions;
  5. Offer help students while they look for their dorms and carry their luggage;
  6. Show genuine hospitality to students who have traveled so far!
  7. Build an inclusive community of diverse students in a comfortable, fun, and engaging environment.
  8. Embrace the core values of International House and understand the objectives of the International Orientation through IHOP training.
  9. Assist with the planning of the International Orientation schedule and activities: Design icebreakers, plan and run campus tours, suggest speakers and panelists, identify frequently asked freshmen questions for panels/ IHOP Group discussions and give feedback to draft schedule(s).
  10. Provide pre-orientation assistance to IHOPlets in the summer via email. Maintain contact with assigned IHOPlets and respond to their emails with accurate information and enthusiasm.
  11. Participate in the pre-orientation programs and socialize with the IHOPlets. This includes participating in activities and sharing meals together with the new students.
  12. Be in charge of East and West Campus tours for IHOPlets and their family members as part of pre-orientation programs.
  13. Ensure that the orientation runs smoothly through effective communication and collaboration with other IHOPs, your own group, and IHouse staff.
  14. Facilitate engaging group discussions and lead activities before and during the orientation.
  15. Lead the Community Engagement Program on Saturday and help facilitate the debrief.
  16. Assist IHouse Staff with International Orientation duties, such as registration, set-up, and clean-up.
  17. Show genuine interest in the questions and concerns of the IHOPlets. Be intentional in getting to learn their names and get to know them on a personal level.
  18. Be prepared to resolve issues throughout the orientation by taking ownership.
  19. Execute exemplary leadership skills and maintain contact with the new students through the IHOP Mentorship Program following the International Orientation.

Please contact with questions.

IHOP Co-Chairs

They are often returning, experienced IHOPs who provide leadership for the International Orientation at the student level before and during the orientation. They ensure that unity, respect, comfort, and honesty are built among all IHOPs. In case there is not a returning IHOP that would like to take on the co-chair responsibility, two new students will be appointed based on their interest during their interviews.

IHOP Co-chairs will be selected through a nomination process.


  1. Serve as liaison between IHouse staff and IHOP team.
  2. Assist IHouse staff with the recruitment and training of new IHOPs.
  3. Provide feedback about International Orientation schedule during the spring semester.
  4. Assist with the IHOP training (facilitate discussions)/orientation preparation in the spring and the summer, if necessary.
  5. Support IHouse staff member with the pre-orientation events by arriving early to help set-up and checking in students.
  6. Provide leadership, direction, and motivation to the IHOP team during and after International Orientation.
  7. Serve as the MC during International Orientation.

IHOP Planning Committee

  1. Activity Planning Committee (researches and organizes icebreaker activities for the orientation; suggests pre-orientation and post orientation social programs)
  2. Campus Tour Committee (identifies key locations and draws a tour direction for East and West Campus; researches information on resources and presents to the team)
  3. Student Panel Committee (looks at the topics and questions from previous student panels and plans this year’s student panels)
  4. Resource Outreach Committee (identify key stakeholders who should be invited to the International Orientation and present a list of contact information)
  5. Faculty Outreach Committee (identify faculty members to invite to the International Orientation as a keynote speaker as well as include other faculty members to attend Pre-Orientation events)
  6. Assessment Data Analysis Committee (analyzes evaluations from previous and current orientation)

IHOP Peer Mentorship

Mission: To maintain an on-going leadership program after the International Orientation through intentional programming and continuous leadership. This will be offered in the Fall semester until a new IHOP group is selected.

IHOP co-leaders are in charge of scheduling different IHOPs each week. IHOPs who are on duty can use this space to study and complete assignments when there are no first-year students for a meeting. Advisor will oversee the progress of the program and facilitate a focus group both with IHOPs and the participants of the program to assess the value of this peer mentorship.

FAQ for the IHOP Program

  • Do I have to be an international student to apply for the IHOP Program?

No. The IHOP Program welcomes ALL students from a wide range of backgrounds who are enthusiastic about welcoming and mentoring incoming international students and guiding them by sharing their own academic, social, and cultural experiences at Duke and in Durham, NC.

  • Do I have to attend all IHOP training sessions?

Yes. Attending the IHOP Training sessions is mandatory. You are allowed to miss ONE session. You are expected to communicate your absence to Paige Vinson or the IHOP co-leaders as soon as possible.

IHOP Training sessions are a big part of building a community of IHOPs and setting values. Each training session is created not only to help IHOPs connect and get to know each other, but also to be a big part of the international orientation planning. We advise that you check your schedule to make sure you do not have any other commitments on Wednesdays from 6:00 to 8:00pm. The sessions will not be scheduled every week.



Deadline to apply is January 11, 2021 at 5pm

Please contact with questions.