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Language Tables

Duke University Language Tables

Spring Semester 2019

Arabic.  No language table at present time.

Chinese.  Thursdays.  6pm – 7pm.  Area right above Ginger & Soy, Asian restaurant in Brodhead Center.  For more information contact Professor Carolyn Lee.    Email:

French.  Wednesdays.  5:30pm – 6:30pm.  JB Chops Restaurant.  Brodhead Center.  For more information contact Professor Lauren Babineau.  Email: 

German.  Mondays.  5pm.  Kaffeestunde in Languages Building Room 114.  For more information contact Professor Ingeborg Walther.  Email:

Hebrew.  No language table at present. Contact Prof. Shelli Plesser for more information.  Email:

Hindi.  One Thursday per month.  3pm – 3:30pm.  The Perk Coffee Shop in the Perkins Library.  To find out which Thursday contact: Professor Kusum Knapczyk.  Email: kusum.knapczyk

Italian.  Thursdays 5:30pm – 6:30pm.  Tavola Italiano.  Usually meet in Language Lab 114 but not always.  To find out exact times and locations contact Instructor Laura Bilanceri. Email:

Japanese.  Fridays.  1pm – 2pm.  Brodhead Center.  For more information contact Professor Hitomi Endo.  Email:

Korean.  Wednesdays.  6pm – 7:30pm.  The Great Hall (JB Chops, Brodhead Center) Contact Prof. Eunyoung Kim for more information.  Email:

Persian.  No language table at present time.  Contact Prof. Shahla Adel for more information. Email:

Polish.  No language table.

Portuguese.  Wednesdays.  Bate-Papo Brazil.  1:35pm – 2:25pm.  Ginger & Soy Restaurant, Brodhead Center.

Contact Professor Magda Silva for more information.  Email:

Russian.  No language table at present time.  Contact Prof. Edna Andrews for more information.

Spanish.  “Mesa en Espanol” Mondays.  5:30pm – 6:30pm.  Languages Building, Room 114, West Campus.  For more information contact Professor Ana Fernandez.  Email:

Turkish.  No language table at present time.  Contact Prof. Didem Havlioglu for more information.  Email: