International House (IHouse)


International House at Duke is actually an office and not a place to live.

Housing on campus is primarily for Duke Undergraduate Students. All graduate and professional students as well as visiting scholars need to find off-campus housing.

When you think about looking for a place to live, questions to consider include...
How much can I afford to spend on rent?
Do I want to share an apartment or house or do I want to live by myself?
Do I need to live within walking distance to campus or will I be driving to campus?
If you need to live within walking distance, then we STRONGLY urge you to find a place to live within the Duke Vans zone.  (See Duke Vans Boundary Map)

International House staff can advise you about how to find a place to live. Please contact us with questions.

For those of you who need to be within walking distance or along a bus route, here is a great link to check out.  Do contact International House staff for feedback/advice if you want another opinion.

Finding Housing

Fact Sheets

Pricelists Fact Sheets

Resources to look for a place to live include: