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Student Groups

The following list is a selection of Duke student groups that international students may find of interest and/or support. The list does not include political or religious groups or groups that focus on specific activities as Asian Theater, Irish Dance, Indian Dance, etc.€“ For a current and more comprehensive list visit (


List of Duke Student Groups (pdf)
  • Asian Students Association (ASA)
    • Duke€™s ASA seeks to support and serve as a lobbying voice for the political, cultural and social interests of students of Asian Pacific heritage at Duke, to transcend social borders and foster relations with other groups on campus through community interaction, to raise awareness and provide an open space to learn about historical and contemporary issues facing people of Asian Pacific heritage, and to strive to make Duke a campus where Asian Pacific students are not discriminated against or marginalized because of their racial, ethnic or national identities.
  • Black Graduate and Professional Students Association (BGPSA)
    • The Black Graduate & Professional Students Association (“BGPSA”) exists to address the unique needs and concerns of minority graduate and professional students, and to promote diversity within the Duke University community. Through the use of consistent social interaction, multi-cultural programming and programming largely towards scholarship, career and community assistance, BGPSA fosters academic achievement, understanding of and respect for differences, and, ultimately, the development of future minority leadership.
  • Black Mens Union (BMU)
    • The purpose of this organization is to connect the Black male undergraduates of Duke University, and to provide these students with academic and career resources and social advice. BMU will strive to make Black male undergraduates more impactful members.
  • Black Student Alliance (BSA)
    • For the purposes of intellectually, socially, and culturally enriching the Duke community, the Black Student Alliance promotes academic achievement and intellectual pursuit, cultivates dynamic leadership, and strives to eliminate social barriers for all. Ultimately, the Black Student Alliance recognizes the humanity of others and demands that they do the same.
  • Black Women's Union (BWU)
    • The purpose of this organization is to give African and African American women of Duke access to resources of professionalism as well as to create a safe space for all African and African American women to unify themselves in pushing each other toward success.
  • Cuban American Student Association (CASA)
    • The Cuban American Student Association is a group dedicated to the celebration of Cuban / Cuban-American culture and history. The group also discusses current events related to Cuba, encouraging dialogue among members and the greater Duke community.
  • Duke African Graduate and Professional Students Association (DAGPSA)
    • The Duke African Graduate and Professional Students Association serves to provide a community for African graduate and professional students, visiting scholars and researchers at Duke. We seek to integrate with other like-minded organizations to foster sustainable cultural and social awareness, educational exchange and professional networks. DAGPSA organizes orientation events at the beginning of each semester to inform incoming African students about resources available to them. We also set up mentorship initiatives and collaborative events with undergraduate, and like-minded cultural organizations at Duke such as DukeAfrica, DukeEngage, Duke Africa Initiative, Ihouse, African Conversation Club and others. In addition, DAGPSA holds formal and informal events at least once a month including educational discussions, social gatherings and professional networking events.
  • Duke Brazilian Association (DBA)
  • Duke Chinese Student Association (CSA)
  • Duke Ethiopian/Eritrean Student Transnational Association (DESTA)
    • The purpose of DESTA is to foster appreciation for Ethiopian/ Eritrean culture within the Duke Community through programming centered around food, dance and history.
  • Duke German Club
  • Duke Hong Kong Students Association (HKSA)
  • Duke Persian Students Association (PSA)
    • Duke Persian Students Association (PSA) is a student-run cultural organization whose mission is to promote and celebrate the Persian culture and heritage of Iran on campus. PSA invites anyone who takes interest in Persian culture and cultural exchange to join in for all of the festivities.
  • Duke South Asian Students Association (Diya)
  • Duke Students with Interracial Legacies (Duke SWIRL)
    • The Mission of Duke SWIRL (Students With Interracial Legacies) is to foster a community of students with multiracial, multiethnic, or multicultural experiences. The group seeks to educate and empower students through narrative and academic engagement of these contexts. These goals will be accomplished through intimate discussion groups or public forums, campus-wide publications, and collaboration with other cultural groups. Any members of the Duke community from mixed background experiences or even those just interested in learning more about cultures from around the world are welcome!
  • Duke Taiwanese Student Association [graduate] (Duke TSA)
  • Duke University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (DCSSA)
    • Duke Chinese Students and Scholars Association is one of the largest Chinese student groups on campus, serving the Duke Chinese community for more than 20 years. In the past years, DCSSA organizes diverse social and academic programs to support and enrich graduate and professional student life here on Duke Campus. For example, we arrange airport pick-up services and organize orientation for incoming Chinese international students; we promote cultural exchange through celebrating Chinese traditional festivals together with the entire Duke community; we also help strengthen Duke Alumni network by organizing alumni sharing conferences and seminars.
  • DukeAFRICA
    • DukeAFRICA values representation, inclusion and acceptance of all African students at Duke. We are a family of students that are passionate about the continent of Africa and are determined to educate the Duke community culturally, intellectually and socially about African truths, in an effort to deconstruct false impressions. As a fun-loving and diverse group, we welcome ALL students! Look out for our exciting and highly anticipated Africa-centered programs throughout the year as well as many kickbacks. We are intentional about connecting with all members of our DukeAFRICA family and we are always excited to make new friends.
  • Eastern European Association at Duke (EEAD)
    • EEAD aims to promote and expand the Eastern European culture on campus, and to raise awareness about the social, economic, political, and cultural issues the region is currently facing. We welcome students from all backgrounds to join in the discovery of a rich, diverse, and exciting culture, filled with fascinating traditions and interesting global perspectives.
  • Graduate Student Association of Iranians at Duke (GSAID)
  • Haitian Student Alliance (HSA)
    • Haitian Student Alliance aims to celebrate the achievements of Haitians and Haitian-Americans while affirming the inherent dignity of their history, and to learn about the gap that may exist between the Haitian Diaspora, Haiti, and the Caribbean.
  • International Association (IA)
    • Duke International Association works towards creating a social, cultural and academic environment at Duke that addresses the needs of the international community. We raise international awareness on campus through our cultural, social, academic, career events and provide policy advocacy for issues affecting International Students at Duke. By doing this, we hope to bridge the social and cultural gap between American and non-American students on campus. In addition, we are committed to ease the transition and integration of international students to Durham and the University.
      Over the years, our efforts have helped strengthen Duke's multicultural community. Events that are now permanently on the IA’s agenda are: Spring international, Global Awareness Week, Cultural Nights, Pangea Night, International Ambassador Program and we hope to add many more in the future. In addition, we are proud and excited to come up and implement new project ideas every year, from Second Impressions, Human Library, WorlDuke to something small and fun like Valentine's video.
  • Japanese Culture Club (JCC)
    • The mission of JCC is to raise awareness for Japanese culture, deconstruct the stereotypes surrounding it and establish a community of students who are passionate about Japan. We also strive to better inform Duke students about Japanese societal values, such as integrity, courage, and respect. This club exemplifies the students€™ unfaltering desires to promote and share their individual cultures as well as the culture of Japan. JCC seeks to accomplish this by hosting cooking nights to make traditional Japanese food, having game nights representing Japanese lifestyles, celebrating holidays such as Hinamatsuri (a festival to celebrate a girl's growth and happiness), and educating students about social issues and history. In addition, JCC will collaborate with the Japanese Department, and other Asian cultural groups to host multicultural events.
  • Joint Youth Organization of Indians at Duke (JYOTTI)
    • This organization aims to foster social exchange between all Indian graduate students, post-docs as well as graduate and professional students interested in Indian culture at Duke.
  • Korean Undergraduate Student Association (KUSA)
  • Latin American Student Organization (LSAO)
    1. We want to encourage social, cultural, academic and career relationships focused on LASO members but also encompassing the entire Duke community,
    2. We see ourselves serving as a bridge between Duke University and Latin American student applicants to the undergraduate program,
    3. We are striving to increase Latin American alumni connections for LASO members,
    4. We would like to serve as ambassadors and promote Duke University in Latin America.
  •  Mi Gente
    1. Create a strong support base for Latinos and anyone on campus interested in Latino culture and issues,
    2. Promote awareness of issues facing Latinos in the Duke and Durham communities,
    3. Participate in community service activities that benefit local and national charities,
    4. Organize social events for students of all ethnic backgrounds to attend highlighting Latino culture and diversity.
      Participation in Mi Gente is one way to immerse yourself more fully in Latino and Latin-American culture. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and persuasions to participate in our events. Whatever your background, you can learn more about and reap benefits from everything this culture has to offer.
  • Native American Student Alliance (NASA)
  • Singapore Students€™ Association (SSA)
  • Students of the Caribbean Association (S.O.C.A.)
  • Turkish Students Association (TSA)