International House (IHouse)

Trainings and Workshops

Intercultural Skills Development Program (ISDP)

The next offering of this program will be in 2020. Stay tuned for details.


Have you noticed the word "global" spreading across our campus lately? Are you interacting with more and more people and cultures different from your own? Do you have questions about intercultural communication and practices? You are not alone.

As our international borders become bridges of globalization, intercultural skills are paramount to enhance communication and the ability to connect, support and engage those who are different from us. Inside Duke global community these skills are essential on the personal and professional level. Through experientially engaging and exciting workshops, participants will set foot on the journey of intercultural inquisitiveness, awareness, and engagement.

The program is free to all permanent Duke staff and faculty. 

ACIREMA: Journey to a US Education


This 3-hour workshop includes a simulation exercise designed to sensitize participants to the difficulties that international students encounter in their quest for a U.S. education. It acquaints the participants with the procedures and obstacles students must follow from the initial contact with a U.S. educational institution to their arrival on campus. A facilitated discussion takes place after the simulation to address the specific issues at stake.

Cultural Lunches

Lunchtime Learning (part of the ISDP curriculum): Twice each term, International House leads a targeted, cost-free lunch seminar for Duke employees that focuses on increasing cultural awareness of a specific population. Topics covered include language, cultural values, working styles, and communication methods. A light lunch is served.

For Duke faculty and staff only. 

Tailored Trainings

Are you about to leave the country for a service learning project? Are you a business person interacting with a international clientele? Or are you simply looking for opportunities for professional development and strengthening the intercultural competency skills of your staff? International House is available to work with your office, student organization or department to create and facilitate such a workshop. We provide anything from introductory 2-hour cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity sessions, to 2-day retreats.

Cross-Cultural Workshops for Local Businesses

Do you work in the Durham/Triangle area? Are you finding that you interact with many international customers, requiring you to communicate and work across cultural and linguistic barriers? International House facilitates a cultural competency workshop once or twice a year to help local businesses improve service delivery to their growing international clientele and to better understand the needs of the international community at Duke. Past participants have included property rental companies, banks, utility companies, rental furniture companies, used car vendors and other retailers.

Durham Community Members

The International House staff is excited that you are interested in learning more about opportunities to interact with Duke's international students, scholars and families. International House runs a series of different initiatives to enhance cross-cultural interaction through programs and community outreach.

Hosting International Scholars

International House, in collaboration with Duke Visa Services and the Office of Postdoctoral Services, offers a bi-annual workshop for staff directly assisting international scholars and postdocs. The workshops give each of the three separate offices a chance to convey important information regarding changes and updates pertinent to internationals and the staff working with them.

For more information, please contact Paige Vinson.