International House (IHouse)


Transportation is a very important issue. This page provides information and resources to better understand your transportation options. We want to help you get around Duke, Durham and the Triangle region as efficiently as possible.

Getting Around Without a Car

If you don't drive, or you won't have a car while you are here, do not be discouraged. It is fairly easy to get around without a car. It just takes some extra time and a bit of planning. There are lots of people living here without a car. Take a look at these transportation options.

Obtaining A Vehicle

If you're looking to purchase a car, there are many steps, including obtaining a driver's license, registering the vehicle, and finding reliable maintenance options. Also, what do you do if you get a speeding ticket? Don't worry - we have many pieces of advice and guidance to help you succeed in this endeavor! Click here to view our recommendations.

Parking On Campus

If you need to park on campus, we'll walk you through getting a permit and the various options for parking across the university. Follow this link for more.