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The Durham area is a great place to learn how to drive. If you are a learner, we STRONGLY recommend that you take at least five or six driving lessons. You will learn so much more from an actual driving class than learning from your friends. Driving lessons are well worth the money.

The following driving schools have received positive recommendations from Duke international students and/or scholars. In 2015, the going rate was approximately $75 per hour of driving instruction. However, these schools also have package deals available for more than one lesson.

New Drivers: Before starting your driving lessons, you will need to go to the DMV in order to obtain a Learner’s Permit (LP). After obtaining a LP, you may then take driving lessons. Driving schools will give you lessons in their vehicles.

If you decide to use the driving school’s to take the DMV driving test and obtain your NC driver’s license, you will need to purchase NON-OWNERS auto insurance. If you rent a car to take the test, you must purchase the liability insurance from the rental company. The driver’s permit you obtain when you use the driving school’s or a renting car is called a “fleet license” and will only allow you to drive rental cars.

Above Average Driving School (

Above Average Driving School

Above Average Driving School of the Triangle Area in North Carolina. Your comfort behind the wheel is our aim, no matter how long you require to become fully confident.

4819 Emperor Boulevard, Suite 400

Durham, NC 27703


$75/hour to use their car for the DMV road test. Also offering Duke a special package rate of 2 hours of classes for $160, 5 hours of classes for $350, or 10 hours of classes for $640. The school was opened by a licensed North Carolina DMV driving educator and is located in the RTP area. They pick you up and drop you off at your location.

All Around Driving School (

200 Meredith Drive, Ste. 101

Durham, NC 27713


You can purchase a 5-hour package for $380 or a 10-hour package for $675. A two-hour lesson for those who have driven previously is $170. They come to your location for pick up and drop off. All Around Driving School is a corporate driving school based in southern Durham that provides driving instruction locally in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and elsewhere in the Triangle area. They offer “behind the wheel” driving instruction, and welcome international clients. Clients may use All Around’s car for DMV road test for a fee of $85/hour from the time they pick you up at your residence until the time they drop you off.

Andes Driving School (

^^Andes Driving School^^ Durham, NC

Phone: (919) 484.0330 DRIVING DIRECTIONS | EMAIL US 5007 Southpark Drive, Suite 120 Durham, NC 27713 © Andes Driving School Inc. | Website Design & Hosting By RSM


5007 Southpark Dr. Ste. 120

Durham, NC 27713

919.201.2541 (ask for Eduardo)

Driving Lessons are $85 per hour or you can purchase a 5-hour package for $395. Andes Driving School specializes in teaching driving skills to internationals. Instruction is available in English and Spanish. Andes Driving School will allow students to rent their car for use in the DMV road test for a fee of $135, but you also have to take an assessment beforehand for $90 if you have not taken classes with them previously. They pick you up and drop you off at your location.