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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities in Durham

For international students, scholars, spouses, and partners who are interested in volunteering in the local Durham community:

Duke’s Office of Durham and Community Affairs has a resource site as a way to share support activities by partners in the local Durham community. If you are seeking volunteer opportunities, feel free to search current listings in this database.

VoLearnTeer with IHouse

For U.S. American students, alums, faculty, and staff who hope to engage with the Duke international community: 


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English Conversation Club

  • Lead small group discussions with members of the Duke community who would like to practice conversational English
  • Topics include American culture, social systems, and daily life


  • Meet people from around the world and learn about their cultures
  • Receive training and gain experience in facilitating group discussions and cross-cultural communication

Mondays from 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Program Details

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Duke Language Partners

  • You will be matched with a non-native speaker who would like to practice conversational English or another language you speak
  • Meet with your language partner for weekly conversation
  • Learn/practice a new language by requesting a partner speaking a specific language
  • Form cross-cultural connections
  • Learn about another culture
  • Develop intercultural sensitivity
  • Gain language tutoring skills

Weekly meetings based on partners’ schedules

Program Details 


International Friends

  • Spend time with an international member of the Duke community to form friendships
  • Help someone acclimate to the life at Duke and in the U.S.
  • Share culture with one another, such as customs, holidays, cuisine, and values
  • Form cross-cultural connections
  • Explore Duke and the Triangle together
  • Learn about another culture
  • Receive training on cross-cultural communication and intercultural sensitivity

Monthly meetings based on participants’ schedules

Program Details

Registration Coming soon

Global Cafe

  • Have informal conversations with Duke students, employees, post-docs, scholars, and families over coffee or tea
  • Meet new people from around the world
  • Expand knowledge about other cultures
  • Have lively conversations
  • Enjoy great food, tea and coffee!


Program Details

International House Orientation Peers (IHOP)

(students only)

  • Welcome new international students and support them to acclimate to Duke before, during, and after the International Orientation.
  • Assist with the planning of the International Orientation schedule and activities.
  • Co-lead International Orientation with IHouse Staff
  • Connect students with staff and campus resources
  • Develop strong leadership, communication, and planning skills
  • Develop intercultural sensitivity

A Year


Undergraduate IHOP

Graduate IHOP