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Undergraduate Students

We invite you to use all of the Career Center resources in your work to identify and make sense of all the choices that interest you as you consider your career path. Take control of defining and developing a variety of options now and into the future by taking advantage of your Career Center, early and often.

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First-Year and Sophomore Specific Information and Handouts

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Greetings! Are you figuring out what to get involved in? Want to connect with people who are doing things you are interested in? Or, maybe figure out what your interests and strengths even are? I am Christina Plante, a career counselor who leads the First-Year and Sophomore Initiative in the Career Center, and I want to tell you how and why you should take advantage of your Career Center while at Duke.

The purpose of this initiative is to save you time and stress by understanding early what career development is, how you can use it now to guide your career decisions, and how you can continue to use these skills after Duke.

decision making process -know yourself, investigate options, understand experience, and search strategically

We have broken this process down into four areas including know yourself, investigate options, understand experience, and search strategically. Think about this approach as a wheel. You will most likely go through several rotations as you make career choices.

Career Development/Decision-Making Process

During advising appointments, we look at what you are interested in, explore your likes and dislikes, identify skills you prefer to use and ones you want to develop, and reflect on past experiences to guide future decisions. We also examine how your strengths can impact your interest areas, how your personality can direct certain work environments, and how your personal values guide career choices.

We will talk about some big questions like what is your purpose? What gives you energy? And what do you care about? This will most likely get you thinking critically and deeply about where and how you choose to spend your time.  We also address your specific job search related questions about resumes, cover letters, networking, interviewing, and more! Our best advice is that you focus on being open to opportunities, build a Board of Directors, learn how to talk about yourself and experiences to others, and not be afraid to fail along the way. Check out our First-Year Checklist below to learn more.