Housing & Residence Life

Houses Overview

Duke University has long been committed to an active and meaningful residential life experience for its undergraduate students. With most undergraduates living on campus, Duke fully understands the residential experience is an integral part of its students’ education. Currently, three separate campuses create the residential experience at Duke University.

East Campus: First-Year Student Residence Halls

First-year students reside in 14 co-ed houses located on East Campus. Initiated in fall of 1995, the first-year campus has proven to be a wonderful launching point for the Duke undergraduate experience by strengthening class unity and focusing resources geared toward supporting common first-year challenges. Housing assignments are made by random lottery to one East house and students are allowed to submit a roommate request if desired.

West and Central Campuses: Upperclass Houses

Beginning in fall of 2012, Duke University returned to houses as the community base for all upperclass students. When students leave East Campus, they will join or be assigned to one of 80 houses on West (residence hall-style) or Central (apartment-style) Campus. House communities include both selective and non-selective options, but all houses will have their own unique traditions, identity, and personality with funds and leadership to support its endeavors.