Dining Services

Dining Services

Duke Dining Adds Meals to Dining Plans

Dear Class 2021,

I hope you are having a great start to your fall semester!

Duke Dining has reviewed first year students’ dining patterns and preferences and will increase access to meals as an enhancement to the current East Campus dining model.

As of Monday, September 11 both Plans H and I will provide nine Dinner/Brunch meals at the Marketplace in place of the seven meals previously available to you. There will be no additional cost for these extra meals.


Fall Festival at the Marketplace

Prizes, funnel cakes and fried candy bars?! That only begins to describe the Fall Festival themed dinner at the Marketplace held on Wednesday, October 21st. Students also enjoyed cotton candy, turkey legs, corn dogs, philly cheese steak subs, popcorn, and other festival fare! They could spin the prize wheel for a multitude of fun prizes to include, mesh chairs, t-shirts, frisbees, pens, coffee mugs, keychains, hats, koozies, food freebies and discounts-there was even a balloon guy there to make balloon animals and items per students' request!


"Soy" What?

As a dietitian I am often asked questions about soy foods acting like estrogen in the body, are they safe? Do they contribute to breast cancer? I will admit over the years the information has been varied, but for the past several years researchers have found more and more information confirming that eating soy in moderation even as a breast cancer survivor is not a problem.

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West Union Vendors Announced

Duke Dining Announces West Union Restaurant Vendors

Duke Dining has announced the eight vendors that will operate the thirteen restaurants coming to the new West Union.

Director of Duke Dining, Robert Coffey said, “In keeping up with Duke’s first-class reputation the West Union Building will be one of the finest, state-of-the-art dining facilities in the country. The vendors that we have selected for this facility will be capable of producing world-class innovative food that has never been attempted in a University setting.”


How Dukies Add Color to Their Plates

Thumbnail Have you ever felt happy just from walking into a colorful day? The sky is blue, the trees are green, and the earth has red, purples, yellows, and browns. Well, today’s blog is about adding some color to your plate as well as your life.

Yes, I am talking about vegetables and fruits (hereafter referred to as “V & F.”)


Duke Dining Welcomes New Food Truck & Merchants-on-Points Vendors


Duke Dining has added three new additions to its program in their search for vendors that will continue to compliment and enhance the dining program. Tijuana Flats and Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins have partnered with the Merchants on Points (MOPS) program, off-campus vendors that deliver to campus and Belgian Waffle Crafters has joined the food truck lineup.