Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture

Art Exhibits


"Women in Color is an exhibition that celebrates the beauty of black womanhood through the use of color. Black womanhood, while experienced differently, involves a sense of strength, vulnerability and radiance that each artist captures through their intentional use of color. Through color we are able to share culture, tell stories, express emotion and ultimately connect with one another. Each artist, in an expression of their own experience, tells a story of self-love and culture that resonates with the universal experience of black womanhood. Each piece holds power in both its individuality and the way in which it interacts with the rest of the works. Each piece speaks to an individual experience, yet together, the works illustrate the diversity of black womanhood. As each piece transitions into the other, from one section of color to the next, the seamlessness of the transitions speaks to not only the interconnected nature of black womanhood, but also the unity and sisterhood that is embodied within this experience.” -Ashleigh Smith T’20